The Kansas City Artists Coalition was created to change the lives of artists living in Kansas City, Missouri.

On March 5, 1975 a large group of artists gathered in the studio of local artists Philomene Bennett and Lou Marak to address “How the Artist Can Benefit from Centralization.” Overwhelmingly the group felt a self-initiated organization was the only alternative to isolation, elitism, apathy, and ignorance. The ultimate result of that meeting was the incorporation of the Kansas City Artist Coalition in August 1976.

The Kansas City Artists Coalition (KCAC or Artists Coalition) is an artist-centered, artist-run alternative space that presents a variety of exhibitions of contemporary artists' work in its Mallin Gallery, Jacqueline B. Charno Gallery, and the Underground.

The Residency at the Artists Coalition offers dedicated individuals a supportive environment to work and engage with the Kansas City community. The mission of the Residency is to bring artists from around the region and the world together in order to work, build friendships, and improve intercultural understanding.


The Kansas City Artists Coalition celebrated an important milestone. KCAC had its 40th Anniversary in 2016.

Although much has changed since the mid-seventies when we were founded, our mission to promote visual arts and artists is still needed. KCAC's longevity can be attributed to adherence to the mission and a long history of integrity, openness, and inclusiveness in its programming. KCAC has gained the trust and resources of our constituencies who support the mission and respect the consistent leadership.

This important anniversary demands reflection not only of the organization's history but of the historical trends that have affected the KCAC’s work. At the same time, it is important to evaluate current position and plan for the future.