Past Artists

Lefteris Yakoumakis (Greece)

Artist-in-Residence October 2015

Lefteris Lefteris Lefteris
"My work explores the implications of switching from a preindustrial or rural way of life to a capitalist culture. I am inspired by nature, travel, folklore, lifestyles and social struggle. I convey imagery of natural landscapes, animal figures and myths as well as commonplace visual signs, pop culture and urban landscapes. I make small bodies of work consisting of paintings and/or drawings that correspond to my particular location and social environment.I paint to criticize and comment on my social environment. I aspire to bring attention to its darkest sides. However, I also seek alternatives to this grim reality. I use oils and acrylics for my canvas works and a variety of materials, such as pencils, markers, oil-pastels and ink, for my drawings."

Ireri Topete and Nunik Sauret ( MEXICO)

Artists-in-Residence October 2015

NUNIK SAURET was born in Mexico City. She has produced paintings and drawing for over 20 years. She studied painting and sculpture at La Esmeralda National School and continued to study printmaking at the Santo Domingo Print Workshop. She has specialized in Japanese graphic techniques under masters: such as Keisei Kobayashi, Tatsuma Watanabe, and Kuniko Satake. Sauret has been awarded the Creators Grant from the FONCA twice and has received a number of awards, scholarships and honorable mentions in Mexico, the former Yugoslavia, United States and Canada. Her work is included in over 120 lithograph folders. She has participated in 55 biennales/triennials in Mexico, USA, Colombia, Venezuela, India, Puerto Rico, Yugoslavia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cuba, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Canada, Poland and France. Her work is shown in over 26 museums, universities and Cultural Institutions of Mexico, Colombia, Bulgaria, United States, Puerto Rico and Japan: Modern Art Museum, Mexico; Banco de Mexico; Tosa-Washi International Committee, Japan; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York. She has held over 100 solo exhibits in Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Algeria. She has participated in over 400 group shows in Mexico, Colombia, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, (former) Yugoslavia, France, Brazil, USA, Japan, Finland, Norway, Germany and Portugal. Her current work includes research of traditional Japanese techniques in order to combine them with alternative engraving techniques.

IRERI TOPETE graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has since exhibited in multiple international group shows in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Holland, Japan, Spain and Serbia. To date she has had 19 solo exhibitions and has received various awards through-out her career. Topete currently serves as the head of “La Raya”, the Graphic Arts Workshop at the Cultural Center in Puerto Vallarta, where she is able to continue to produce her own work. She also devotes a great deal of time working with the collective “La Malagua” which has played an important role in the emergence of Visual Arts in the region and has led to the development of projects on an international scope. With former professor, Nunik Sauret, Topete will come to the International Artists Residency to investigate variations and possibilities of Japanese Estampa, and create modular, expandable works.

Hülya Küpçüoğlu (TURKEY)

Artist-in-Residence May 2015

Hulya Hulya Hulya

Hülya Küpçüoğlu was born in Adapazarı. She graduated from the Painting Department at Mimar Sinan University in 1993. She completed her master’s degree at the Visual and Environmental Arts of Istanbul Technical University in 1997.

She currently continues her doctoral degree with an emphasis in art, at the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University. Küpçüoğlu has held solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions, and has written art critiques for newspapers and magazines. She currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Saturday, May 2nd — Cookout on the dock, Noon
Thursday, May 14th — Hülya Küpçüoğlu Talk/Meet & Greet 6-8pm
Saturday, May 16th — Open Studio in the Residency, 11am-1pm

Alejandro Thornton (ARGENTINA)

Artist-in-Residence October 2014

Update: I Write/IDraw Catalog by Alejandro Thornton

The Kosmos culture foundation is inviting Alejandro for a residence to Lucerne/Switzerland and Berlin: and a solo show for him to go with it.


Ale Thorton

ALEJANDRO THORNTON was born in Buenos Aires in 1970, Thornton graduated from the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, he is one of the emerging artists of the 2000 generation of Buenos Aires and has received awards and been included in biennials in Argentina and foreign countries.

Solo shows include Unthinkable, Pabellon 4 Arte Contemporaneo; Before the Word, Angel Guido Art Project both in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hi, Matthei Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

“Ale's work is related to Cy Twombly's work, but has an interesting quality of "frozen calligraphic poetry" that I find interesting. His trajectory as an artist is consistent, serious and professional. That people want to change environments, concentrate on work and interact with individuals they normally wouldn't meet, I find commendable and nourishing. All these factors put together make me feel that it would be worthwhile for him and for you to have him in your residence.”
-- Luis Camnitzer, artist and professor emeritus from SUNY

Alejandro Thornton Artist-In-Residence Talk was at KCAI Epperson Hall October 9th, 7pm. Thorton'sresidency is in collaboration with the Kansas City Art Institute and in conjunction with “Crossover KC-BsAs” a progressive collaborative international printmaking project organized by artists Miguel Rivera and Alicia Candiani at Proyecto’ace. Thorton was recommended for the Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition by Proyecto’ace/Artist-in-Residence International Program where he was a guest artist.

Funded by KCAC's Ambassador Society, the Curry Family Foundation, and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Nina Staehli (Switzerland)

Artist-in-Residence October 2014

Update: The movie is out:

Nina 1 Nina 2

NINA STAEHLI went to theatre and acting school in Rome (1983-85), attended the University of the Arts in Zurich (1988-92), and the "Instiuto d. Arte G. Ballardini" institute of art in Faenza (1997-98). She has received studio bursaries for Berlin and Casa Zia Lina on Elba Island and has been publicized in a number of books and catalogues. Staehli's performances extend from public works and interventions, to video and film.

Staehli creates a complex and independent oeuvre between sculptures, performances, film, theatre, literature and photography. With her strong theatre background she develops characters and biographies and starts the transition into performances, films, theatre, literature and photography. With her performances and unannounced public interventions she involves her viewers on the spot and retrieves direct feedback for further development of her projects.

Staehli was awarded the FLEX bursary of the State of Zug in Switzerland. She used her award to do an art research project during September along the Trail of Tears. Once in Kansas City she will process the results and create a new work cycle. She will also bring her newest BIG HEAD “TearHead” for a special performance at KCAC on Thursday, October 23rd, 6-8pm. Free and open to the public...join us!

Zehra Cobanli (Turkey)

Artist in Residence October 20 – November 14, 2013

cobanli_Zehra_Detail cobanli_zehra_Installation

Cobanli’s blue series evolves from traditional Turkish ceramics, where she is a master of the use of colored slips and slip decoration techniques.

“My mother’s blue era works celebrates the Ottoman Empire’s 700th birthday and carries the traditional Tugra art to the ceramics. Also an interesting property of this era works is that the blue color on ceramics does not come from the paint but it is inherent in the clay, the blue clay. In this era she has a lot of box forms and their interpretations, also some of the works are special for bringing together silver and clay.”

Zehra Cobanli teaches at the Anadolu University for the Ceramics Department in Turkey. She has exhibited nationally throughout Turkey, as well as internationally in New Zealand, England, Japan, and United States. Her “Tulips” installation traveled to the Kansas City Artist’s Coalition in August, as a part of her blue series.

Michel Delacroix (France)

Artist in Residence October 17 – November 14, 2013

KCAC_Delacroix-Michel_cynthia-exhibition KCAC_Delacroix-Michel_le-trou_board_-fan_sound-system-collage KCAC_Delacroix-Michel_liliane_kuala-lumpur

Gallery is an experimental gallery space with very specific dimensions, for which the artist develops specific proposals. The exhibitions are photographed from several angles. The photographs are then visible on the website, with some explanations: author, technical, critical texts …

the project invents new possibilities, creates a zone for exchanges, allows to make projects out of any material, plays with the art market. It is the gesture of an artist, thinking about production, creation and exhibition.

chez-robert.comis a real place for experimentation, debate and dialogue. Initially, the project is published on the internet, nevertheless it is a real exposure space. Paradoxically, is really at the opposite of a virtual space and uses the Internet as a means and not as an end.

Continuing his project from France, Delacroix hopes to observe the museum collections in Kansas City to further his process.

Delacroix’s most recent projects have been a creative work called “Cynthia” with fellow artist Patrice Ferrasse, exploring people whose only common feature is the first name Cynthia, an artist residency in a hospital, and , concept an art direction of an experimental art center.


August 12 – September 10, 2013

04-Carme-Riu-de-Mart+¡n-Mesurant-el-Temps-(2006-2008)-web 2--Tiana-Merce-Somiant-truites-2-web

Merce Tiana and Carmen Riu look forward to collaborating for the first time here in Kansas City, and working with other colleagues in-residence to share their ideas with. They are looking to develop a project “related to a ‘mural’ full of ideas and drawings, with the basic things that have attracted us.” Though this will be a shared project, the final result will be a show together with their own personal works.



Abu Rumi was born in Tamra, located in the western Galilee, in 1977. She started her artistic path with sketching and painting classes and then found a job as an assistant in a sculpting studio. In 1998, Abu Rumi graduated from Mar-Elias College, located in I’bilin and continued her studies at Oranim-Academic College of Education.

The tragic condition of Arab women is the central issue in Fatma Abu Rumi’s visual works. Though many of the portraits are self-portraits, Abu Rumi is not talking about herself but about all of the Arab women.

She expresses her resistance to the oppression and social immobility, and remonstrates against the conventions that prevent women from speaking or acting without the permission of their guardian, lord, husband, or family elder.

KCAC_Ming-bai_1 KCAC_Ming-bai_2


Ming was born in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province, Baiming is a lecturer at the College of Fine Art of Tsinghua University. He is also a member of China Artists Association (CAA), a member of China Oil Painting Society (COPS) and a member of International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) of NESCO. He is the art majordomo of China Ceramic Art Net In addition, he also serves as guest editor of Jiangxi Fine Arts.

“As for the life style and artistic style expressed in “form and process”, it is my understanding that different details be found out on the relatively perfect exterior surface to bring out an aesthetic preference and character in the form of its entirety. Just like the Chinese characters, the different structures composed of different strokes embody quite different meanings. It is also the same to the human faces which are completely different from each other though they seem identical. The different details represent colors and varieties in the life. The life is both a process and a form and the art is a process more than a form. The form and process may be regarded as both a way to create an elegant life and realm of spirit and a material requisite for our common life.

“I like the language of ceramics: gentle, elegant, implicit, highly privileged and peaceful. It has an inherent air of refinement and tranquility. In my opinion, all of these qualities are the very reflections of the features of the Chinese culture. As a matter of fact, my fascination with such materials reapers to my yearning for the “Classic spirit” in my heart.”


Adania Shibli was born in Palestine in 1974, has twice been awarded the Young Writer’s Award–Palestine by the A.M. Qattan Foundation, for her novels Masaas (Touching, al-Adab: 2002), translated into French as Reflets sur un mur blanc (Actes-sud: 2004) and Italian as Sensi (Argo: 2007), and Kulluna Ba’eed Bethat al Miqdar ‘an al Hub (We are All Equally Far from Love, al-Adab 2004), both forthcoming from Clockroot.

She has published short stories and essays in such literary magazines as Ramallah’s Al-Karmel, the Beirut literary periodicals Al-Adaab and Zawaya, and Alexandria’s Amkenah, among others. Many of these pieces have been translated into French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, and English. English translations of her work have appeared or are forthcoming in the Iowa Review, Words Without Borders, and Banipal.

Her play The Error has been staged at the Tristan Bates Theatre, London, and as part of the New Works festival at the New World Theater in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Shibli is currently finishing her Ph.D. in media and cultural studies at the University of East London, and works as a lecturer at the University of Nottingham’s School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies.


Ilona Romule is world renowned for her unique, distinctive, contemporary slip cast porcelain objects. Her residency in Kansas City is a collaboration with Red Star Studios and the Kansas City Artists Coalition.

Ilona Romule is a studio artist from Riga, Latvia. She was granted her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in 2003 from the Latvian Art Academy. Ilona has received international recognition with her slip cast porcelain figures and is reknowned for her use of semi-erotic imagery both in the form of her fine porcelain pieces and also in the surface decoration. She uses a variety of onglaze enamel.


Alicia Candiani was the first international artist to participate in the Kansas City International Artists Residency Program at the Artists Coalition. Candiani is a visual artist and independent scholar who was born and still resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from the National University of Cordoba, where she taught and led the Printmaking and Art History Department for 15 years. Candiani is also the founder and director of Proyecto’ace, an international art center focused on printmaking. She has lectured widely about new forms of media and digital media in the printmaking world, and her articles have been published nationally and internationally. Candiani has been selected by the Argentine National Academy of Fine Arts as one of ten best printmakers in her country.