Undergraduate College Student Exhibition




April 14 – 28, 2017
Mallin and Jacqueline B. Charno Galleries
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Tom Deatherage, owner of The Late Show, is the juror for Kansas City Artists Coalition’s 21st Annual Undergraduate College Student Exhibition Juried Competition. The Late Show is a favorite venue for local artists who appreciate Tom's no nonsense approach to showing and selling work. KCAC co-founder, Philomene Bennett says, when she walks into The Late Show she still gets the feeling that she's seeing something new. "I'm really proud I'm part of the art scene," Deatherage says. "And I really am part of it. I realize it, and it makes me feel good. I thought I was just kind of edgy, but I'm part of the scene. I understand how little time I have left and am trying to make the most of it. Because I'm 72, but I'm pushing hard.”



Undergraduate Student Juried Competition

April 10 – 24, 2015
Mallin and Jacqueline B. Charno Galleries

Sonié Joi Ruffin is an award winning fabric artist, born, raised and educated in Joplin, MO. Sonié has led workshops and lectures on African American quilting at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery, Flint Library Museum, Guldner Gallery, the Nerman Museum, Kansas City Museum, the Nelson Atkins Museum, and the American Jazz Museum.

She is a self-taught fabric artist; whose fabric art, and written stories have made her an established figure within the local and national arts community.In Ruffin's quilt-inspired art there is an inter-stitching not just of fabric but of community and culture. Her quilts draw from a centuries old wellspring that explores humanity through the crux of the African American experience. Sonié designs and stories are distinctive; her writing shares stories from her life's experiences, the African American culture, hardships, triumphs and courage of change. Herdesigns are improvisational and intuitive; she paints and embellishes fabric, incorporating the boldness of African fabric, mixed with hand dyed or commercial print fabrics.

Sonié is a Charlotte Street Foundation Fellow, the 2010 recipient of the Charlotte Street Visual Arts Award, Kansas Master's 2010 /11, and the 2012 "Women to Watch: Fiber and Textiles". Ms. Sonie Ruffin is a fabric artist. In addition, she is the Executive Director of the Faso Gallery (formerly the Frazier Gallery) on Troost Avenue.