2016 Exhibitions

March 11- April 21, 2016

BAI MING Chinese contemporary artist in the field of ceramics, oil painting, ink, in an eclectic style which alternates geometrical compositions and gestural practices. Bai Ming’s paintings and ceramics are presented at KCAC as part of the 50th anniversary of NCECA.


AESTHETIC INFLUENCE: THE ART OF CHINESE SCHOLAR ROCKS The artists are Virginia Pfau-Thompson from Arizona, Richard Hirsch from New York, Howard Koerth from Oklahoma, Chang Ching-Yuan from Taiwan, and Keith Ekstam from Missouri. Many of the ideas surrounding Chinese Scholar’s Rocks are explored by this group of artists. This includes concerns such as references to utopian existence, a search for paradise in a less-than-perfect-world, geologic imagery, and utilizing the requisite Scholar’s Rock base or plinth as a stage for visual activity. Largely made of clay, the work by this distinct group of artists also employs glass, plastic, wood and found objects as needed.

NANCY KRAMER-BOVEE uses images from nature, artist predecessors, quilting, and design. After sketching and template creation, tiles are rolled out, cut and hand shaped before drying. Terra Sigillata is applied and clear glazes to accent. After firing tiles are mounted on a frame to unite and lift them off the wall so that light can illuminate the negative spaces.

KRISTIN KOWALSKI wants to create a feeling of intimacy between the interaction of abstracted forms. Those experiences lead to a floral or blossom element that represents the peak of the experience. She wants the work to be very sensual, playful and slightly dark, and intends to create these feeling with the combination of form, color and surface texture. The floral elements in the work have been inspired from Kowalski's garden; she is inspired by the process and transformation that occurs in nature.

May 6 - 28, 2016



Artists of the world joined us in a true global project. The topic "What In the World" is defined by the artist. Content of each piece was solely the choice of the artist.

Carlyle Raine Missouri USA ~ Jane Pronko Kansas USA ~ Monika Mori Austria ~ E Keeling Missouri USA ~ Serse Luigetti Italy ~ Sylvia Augustus Missouri USA ~ Pete and Amy Kenney Missouri USA ~ David Harper Missouri USA ~ Alejandro Thornton  Argentina ~ Robert Semrad South Dakota USA ~ Christine Wigginton Illinois USA ~ Rachel Bland Missouri USA ~ Charles Rice Goff III Kansas USA ~ No Name Missouri USA ~ Taylor Hassebroek Missouri USA ~ Pal Csaba Hungary ~ Johanna Hanks Kansas USA ~ Elizabeth Mamourian Pennsylvania USA ~ Daniel de Culla Spain ~ Emily Grumke Missouri USA ~ Jennifer Sutton Kansas USA ~ Rafael Gonzalez Spain ~ Mikel Untzilla Legazpi ~ Mary Ann Coonrod Kansas USA ~ Vycki Angel Alabama USA ~ Lars Schumacher Germany ~ TOFU California USA ~ Malte Sonnenfeld Deutchland ~ Victor Valqui Vidal Denmark ~ Kirle Decker Missouri USA ~ Horst Tress Germany ~ C Mehrl Bennett Ohio USA ~ The Giecek Ranch Washington USA ~ Keiichi Nakamura  Japan ~ Alex Franklin Missouri USA ~ Azadeh Mattingly Indiana USA ~ Ryosuke Cohen Japan ~  Missouri USA ~ Guido Bondioli Arizona USA ~ Jim Needham Kansas USA ~ Swanee Swanson Nebraska USA ~ Jessica Menge Missouri USA ~ Roberto Scala Italy ~ Nano Nore Missouri USA ~ Claudia Garcia  Argentina ~ Linda Teeter Missouri USA ~ Oronzo Liuzzi Italy ~ Rossana Bucci Italy ~ Beth Sauer Kansas USA ~ Giovanni and Renata Stra DA DA Italy ~ Sharon Keller Kansas USA ~ Kim Hawkins Missouri USA ~ Kevin Mullins Kansas USA ~ Laurel De Freece Missouri USA ~ Lisa Hase-Jackson South Carolina USA ~ Thomas Patricia Missouri USA ~ Koscharek Jennifer Florida USA ~ Makrucz Marcela  Argentina ~ Wagner Michael  Germany ~ Van Tuyl Sandra Missouri USA ~ Corporacion Semiotica Galega Spain ~ Stormi Ross Missouri USA ~ David Mattingly Indiana USA ~ Jackie Findley Missouri USA ~ Raquel Gociol Argentina ~ Genevieve Flynn Missouri USA ~ Laura Nugent Kansas USA ~ Erin Hall Missouri USA ~ Rachel Krull Missouri USA ~ A Lee Missouri USA ~ Lola Luke Missouri USA ~ C.C. Florida USA ~ Amy Wright Missouri USA ~ Maryanna Adelman Missouri USA ~ Ada Koch Missouri USA ~ Zach Dineen Missouri USA ~ Anson the Ornery Kansas USA ~ Clemente Padin Uruguay ~ Charles Novich Nebraska USA ~ Steph Kates Missouri USA ~ Barbara Waterman-Peters Kansas USA ~ Stephanie Seiker Virginia USA ~ Marceca Pearl Argentina ~ Hunter L.V. Elliott Michigan USA ~ Nina Staehli Switzerland ~ Liliya Sidlinskaya Missouri USA ~ Devin Laniu Missouri USA ~ Lisa Osburn Missouri USA ~ Diane Morgan Missouri USA

June 10 - July 22, 2016


ALONE AND TOGETHER: COLETTE & JEFF BANGERT A RETROSPECTIVE - Part of KCAC s 40th Anniversary Celebration. Pioneers of computer based art, Jeff and Colette will show their collaborative work "Where people say 'computer art,' 'mathematical art,' or 'software art,' we say 'algorithmic drawing.' Our computer graphic efforts have shown us just how complex even the most simple meaningful handmade drawing is." Colette, a founding member of KCAC, will also show her handmade drawings. Landscape is her interpretive focus. Colette speaks of all of her work as Midwestern landscape.

LEE KNOX– UNCOMMON VIEWS: KANSAS CITY  finds architecture represents the choice made by a settlement of people; that they chose this place to cultivate a civilization. Landmark buildings and cityscapes—especially those which are reflective of the inhabitant culture—instill in her a desire to render them into an image on paper.



Kansas City Artists Coalition’s 40th ANNIVERSARY

August 12 - September 22, 2016

The Kansas City Artists Coalition is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! Artists past and present are helping us celebrate.
This is the ideal time to look back in pride and a perfect time to look forward with a reinvigorated commitment to the organization.
40th ANNIVERSARY RIVER MARKET REGIONAL INVITATIONAL EXHIBITION is a tribute to the people who have been a part of it! #RMRE2016 use on all social media!

Join us! Friday, August 12!
The opening reception is KCAC's birthday BLOCK PARTY!

RMRE2016 RMRE2016 RMRE2016 RMJRE2016

Asher Akram, Ione Angilan, Janice Atkins, Colette & Jeff Bangert, Alison Barnes Martin, Philomene Bennett, Cynthia Bjorn, Jane Booth, William Bowerman, Ed Bramson, Joe Bussell, Brett Chenoweth, Shin Hee Chin, Les Christensen, Maura Cluthe, Zehra Cobanli, Cecelia Condit, Maura Conry, Tom Corbin, Kirk Decker, Matthew Dehaemers, Roberta Eichenberg, Lorrie Eigles, Benjamin Entner, Genevieve Flynn, Tim Forcade, Andrea Fuhrman, Suzann Geringer, Susan Grace, Erin Hall, Sharon Harper, Anthony High, Edward "Muskogee" Hogan, Phillip Michael Hook, Kwanza Humphrey, Angie Jennings, Amanda Jolley, Sharon Keller, Ada Koch, Howard Koerth, Margo Kren, Michael Lasater, Norah Lovell, Lou Marak, Fidencio Martinez, Teresa Mastro, Steve Mayse, Teale Mayse, Hugh Merrill, Rachel Mindrup, Bai Ming, Traci Molloy, Jhulan Mukharji, Robert Mullenix, Mark Needham, Jim Needham, Laura Nugent, Rachel Owens, Susan Palmisano, Kathleen Patton, Pam Peffer, Kristin Powers Nowlin, Jane Pronko, Eli Pupovac, Robert Quackenbush, Brett Reif, Miguel Rivera, Elizabeth Roe, Leigh Rosenberg Earnest, Cydney Ross, Diane Salamon, John Salvest, Michael Savage, Karen Schory, Gordon Sherman, Sheron Smith, Heather Smith Jones, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, Bethany Springer, Karen Steen, Thomas Swanson, Linda Teeter, Mike Terry, Ale Thorton, David Titterington, Anita Toby, Beverly Todd, Heinrich Toh, Bernadette Esperanza Torres, Fred Trease, Robin VanHoozer, David Vertačnik, Jane Voorhees, Jackie Warren, Desiree Warren, Barbara Waterman-Peters, Jean Wender, Terri Wheeler, Debbie Scott Williams




MICAELA de VIVERO uses non-traditional materials and techniques drawn and repurposed from various aspects of daily life to create large-scale sculptures or multi-object installations. de Vivero approaches her installations as compositions in space in which she creates an opening for the viewer to circulate through the environments that are larger than human sized. Though existing as sculptural objects, de Vivero's works create a contradiction through the use of traditionally un-structrual materials.


GREGORY GUTENKO worked in commercial film and TV production, where he made many time-based products with good, sensible images and conveyed content. Consequently, his impulses with his own film/video production have been alternative and deconstructive, with limited content. The videos Gutenko will display push generation image loss, misalign red, blue, green components of mostly monochromatic images, and destabilize color bar test patterns.


IONE ANGILAN is fascinated by the human form and its expressive qualities. Through allegorical themes, her figures offer hope and humor in the face of adversity, desolation, isolation, and disparity. Angilan plays with the scale in which her figures interact to communicate man's relationship with nature and create varied environments.




A special one night event! See art! Buy art! Take art home! Bring friends! Have fun! Meet art lovers! Meet artists! Dance to the music! Eat! Drink! Be Merry!

One Night Stand

FRIDAY, Nov 18th Artists are expected to be present at the reception, 6-9pm.