2015 Exhibitions

March 6 – March 27, 2015

Harper 4 3 Anderson
(Left to Right)

SHARON HARPER Examines the human condition through her own personal experiences with love, loss, prejudice, emotional intimidation and self-acceptance. These complex concerns are processed through paint and sculptural mediums allowing for thoughts or feelings to be synchronous and affect one another and to be to read simultaneously.

HUGH MERRILL Explores portraits from several points of view including studio and community strategies. “There will be unfinished portraits that gallery goers can draw and mark on, there will be Ghost portraits, self-portraits and a series of photo/portrait arts actions including the what I would like to be liberated from.

MELANIE JOHNSON Drawings seek to conjure a habitat that has one foot in reality and the other in a hazy internal state that evokes the slipperiness of memory, longing, and a disquieting curiosity—about an object, a body, an unexpected relationship, or a state of being.

RON ANDERSON Has always been drawn to the water whether it is the ocean, a lake, a stream, or a body of water such as the Missouri River. Armed with his 1958 Kodak Brownie, Anderson attempts to record the results of his journeys along the Missouri River.

April 10 – 24, 2015


The 20th Annual Student Juried Competition is open to currently enrolled undergraduate college students in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas.

Sonié Joi Ruffin is an award winning fabric artist, born, raised and educated in Joplin, MO. Sonié has led workshops and lectures on African American quilting at the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery, Flint Library Museum, Guldner Gallery, the Nerman Museum, Kansas City Museum, the Nelson Atkins Museum, and the American Jazz Museum.

2 2
Dia Saunders - Kansas City Art Institute (left) Olha Melnyk - Washburn University (right)
The Leigh Rosenberg Earnest Memorial Fund Awardees

Eunyoung Hong - Johnson County Community College
The Greater KC Chapter of Link Art Student Award & Juror's Award

2015 Participants
~ Abdullah Alshaddi - Avila University ~ Heather Andrews - Missouri Western State University ~ Josh Atkinson - Avila University ~ Alexis Banegas - Northwest Missouri State University ~ Megan Barnes - Washburn University ~ Paige Beltowski - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Angela Blomberg - Avila University ~ Joy Branch - Avila University ~ Miranda Byrd - Avila University ~ Ryan Caldwell - Washburn University ~ Kezia Carter - Washburn University ~ John Champion III - Johnson County Community College ~ Denise Chiao - Missouri Western State University ~ Gabe Coppage - University of Missouri Kansas City ~ Jesse Day - Johnson County Community College ~ Jetaun Fitzpatrick - Art Institutes International - Kansas City ~ Courtney Gibson - Missouri Western State University ~ Katie Hammond - University of Kansas ~ Rebekah Heintz - Johnson County Community College ~ Eunyoung Hong - Johnson County Community College ~ Tanner Martine - Missouri Western State University ~ Malakki Matters - Johnson County Community College ~ Emily McGowan - University of Kansas ~ Olha Melnyk - Washburn University ~ Anna Minnick - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Indrasari Mursid - Avila University ~ Casandra Paolillo - Northwest Missouri State University ~ MoniQua Perez - Missouri Western State University ~ Lijuan Ramsey - Johnson County Community College ~ Craig Roberts - Missouri Western State University ~ Rosie Ruzicka - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Dia Saunders - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Margaret Schmiegelow - University of Central Missouri ~ Jose Serrano - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Aneesa Shami - Kansas City Art Institute ~ Emily Villarreal - Avila University ~ Victoria Wise - Johnson County Community College ~ Jack Young - Johnson County Community College


May 8 – June 19, 2015

Schmidt_Patrick_Math Schmidt_Patrick_Banner Schmidt_Patrick-2
PATRICK SCHMIDT. A site-specific installation using digitally generated drawing on colored vinyl or cloth tape. Schmidt uses pattern as metaphor for economic, social, and ethnic identifiers. He explores the ideas of space by considering how we perceive, interact, and experience paintings and drawings within a specific context. The structure and format of the current works explore relationships in-between defined disciplines while creating a space in which to play. Digitalization adds a utilitarian element to his work, thus equalizing the existing classifications. Much of the work is interactive in that the viewer has to move around the work in some way to fully engage. For the drawing installation(s) as the viewer walks into the space they walk into the work itself by walking on the drawing. His primary research interests focus on juxtapositions, how color affects perception, material, patterns as cultural motifs, and how technology is changing visual culture.

DEREK COTÉ. Installation based on themes of a changing Arctic. Coté’s original research developed into video installation, photographs, and sculptures that aim to present his experiences in an objective manner. Beginning with his participation with The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency, he have become interested in the foreseeable changes that are taking place socially, politically, and environmentally on the planet’s last frontier. Change is taking shape due to climate fluctuations, which has implications on Arctic population, shipping, trade, tourism, culture and even the distribution of wildlife species. The Arctic, which was once regarded as a hostile wasteland, is gaining a new reputation as a land primed for exploitation.

Ryser_Eric_Image 1 Ryser_Eric_Image 5
ERIC RYSER. Trained as a traditional object maker in non-ferrous metals and introducing intaglio printmaking to his sculptures. Ryser explores the two-dimensional through this intaglio process while still being a 3D artist.

Harp harp 2
MICHAEL HARP. Photography including elements of drawing and painting. Harp’s recent work has been close up shots of paint that reflect his impression of abstract expressionist art.


July 10 - August 20, 2015


The Kansas City Artists Coalition is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! We want all members past, present, and new to help us celebrate. This is the ideal time to look back in pride and a perfect time to look forward with a reinvigorated commitment to the organization. re:MEMBERS is a tribute to the people who have been a part of it!

KC Studio Online Review of re:MEMBERS Exhibition
re:MEMBERS Catalog Online
re:MEMBERS Catalog pdf

Philomene Bennett, Jim Sajovic, James Martin, and Janet Simpson

Financial assistance has been provided by the ArtsKC Fund, Mallin/Gibson Family Properties and by the Artists Coalition membership.

Participating Artists
Ione Angilan ~ Cynthia Bjorn ~ Jefferson Blair ~ Jane Booth ~ Joe Bussell ~ Rebecca Calhoun ~ Debra Callaway ~ Sharon Cathers ~ Maura Conry ~ Valerie Doran Bashaw ~ Constance Ehrlich ~ Kevin Erhard ~ Genevieve Flynn ~ Susan Grace ~ Alison Greene ~ David Gross ~ Sharon Harper ~ Clyde Heppner ~ Jean Howard ~ Kwanza Humphrey ~ Angie Jennings ~ Sarah Krawcheck ~ Dean Kube ~ Sara LaGrand ~ Cathy Logan ~ Rachel Mindrup ~ Mark Needham ~ Sydney Pener ~ Tim Pott ~ Robert Quackenbush ~ Maggy Rozycki Hiltner ~ Diane Salamon ~ Nelson Smith ~ Heather Smith Jones ~ Rashelle Staley-Stutts ~ Karen Steen ~ Mike Terry ~ Larry Thomas ~ Beverly Todd ~ Fred Trease ~ Vickie Trotter ~ Robin VanHoozer ~ Jean Wender ~ Amy Wright ~ Carol Zastoupil

2 Simorte_Jessica_Ochre Textile Simorte_Jessica_Primary Drags
JESSICA SIMORTE Creates work that is an ongoing examination of how art making can serve as a mode of place making. Simorte's interests are primarily based the bond between people and places. Through painting, she is able to create environments that interest her in a manner that is suggestive but not specific. Simorte intends for her works to be transparent about her formal investigation and labor, but for the outcome to be indicative of a place that is playful and peculiar.


September 4 - October 1, 2015

Opening Reception, September 11, 6-8:30pm
Closing Reception, October 1, 6-8:30pm

Jennings 1 jennings 2 Jennings 3
ANGIE JENNINGS' street photography of China and her ever changing face is the topic in “Modern Streets of an Ancient Empire”. This series is an ongoing project that studies the dichotomy of China and its ever-increasing modernity crossing over, sometimes, burying the great history of this most ancient country.

Perez 1 Perez 2 Perez 3
FIDENCIO MARTINEZ-PEREZ's practice examines the brown body, the battleground onto which events, perceptions and laws are formed. The Latino body has been the setting of exploitation, marginalization, and, recently, persecution. These events are reflected in his work through the perforation of newspaper clippings and maps, stand-in for brands, stereotypes, and wounds inflicted onto the foreign body. Many of the silhouettes and figures within these works are taken from the last photographs taken of his family before journey to the United States. In this way, they are the only documentation of his family's existence but, through material manipulation, they speak of a shared experience of uncertain futures.

KRISTIN NOWLIN's current body of work responds to images used in print advertisements of the 1930’s, including such things as Norfolk and Western Railroad travel brochures promoting Virginia as “the land of romance, hospitality, and beauty”; other travel brochures carrying the slogan, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginia”; Maxwell House Coffee ads; and Coca-Cola ads. The original, idealized images that these advertisements featured are challenged and expanded in the black and white woodblock prints, perhaps showing a more accurate reality.


October 9 - November 12, 2015

Wiersma Wiersma 2 Wiersma 3
ERIN WIERSMA seeks to discover a confluence of the spiritual and material. Her works are created through a meditative process of tracing, eliminating, finding, and forging drawn lines on the surface of the paper. These accumulated marks become intertwined layers and untraceable histories of past, present and future.

Topete_Ireri Topete_Ireri_2 Sauret_Nunik_1
IRERI TOPETE AND NUNIK SAURET, Artists-in-Residence in October, will be creating modular, expandable works, investigating variations of Japanese printmaking techniques and approaching a variety of mediums including the printed image, ceramics, and book-making. Sauret just finished a very busy 2014 with an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Luis Potosi. Topete is the head of La Raya, the Graphic Arts Workshop at the Cultural Center in Puerto Vallarta, and working with artist collective “La Malagua.”

steen 1 steen 2 Steen_Karen_3
KAREN STEEN's work is about organic forms and their relationships. She references the intricate and dynamic nature of life - its small parts, interconnections, diversity, rhythms, cycles, and energy. The notion that civilization is damaging the balance of nature’s elaborate systems fuels her interest in the aesthetic qualities of biology and the small-scale world, where forms are either invisible to the naked eye, or can be seen only through close examination.


November 20, 2015

Public Hanging

2015 PUBLIC HANGING Our 4th annual open exhibition; all KCAC Members are welcome to bring one piece of artwork for the one night only exhibition. A special one night event! See art! Buy art! Take art home! Bring friends! Have fun! Meet art lovers! Meet artists! Dance to the music! Eat! Drink! Be Merry!


December 11, 2015 - January 14, 2016

Livedalen livedalen 2 livedalen 3
RACHEL LIVEDALEN Explores gender roles and representations as set forth in religion, social practices, and cultural phenomena and how these forces intersect at the present moment to create a complicated relationship of gender identity and expectations. Large-scale sculptural pieces and traditional framed prints and works on paper serve as artifacts of the present moment.

Warren 1 Warren 2 Warren 3
JACKIE WARREN's series is an examination of cloud, atmospheric, and landscape elements in the abstract. Every day presents possibilities. It is up to each individual to take advantage of those possibilities. Warren has chosen to concentrate on the positive instead of the negative with this work. Use of color, technique and composition help support that attitude.

VanHoozer 1 VanHoozer 2 vanhoozer 3
ROBIN VANHOOZER Radiantly faceted layers of fused wax provide a rich, complex, and changing tapestry upon which to compose the artists's personal perspectives. Multiple materials such as photographs, glass, thread, and fireworks become part of the tapestry in the layers of wax. The transparent and translucent layers allow Vanhoozer to choose what she reveals or conceals.