2014 Exhibitions

March 7 – 29, 2014

Georg_Christy_Tide-Seeker_EX_3_14-web-small Cawood_Gary_Shards_EX_3_14-web-small tiger-lilies-web-small Avocados-web-small
(Left to right)

CHRISTY GEORG combines drawing and sculpture in her newest exhibition Explore & Endure. In order to create her nautical body of sculpture, performance, and drawing, Georg exhaustively researched maritime history and culture to actualize a modern relationship to stories, lore, pirates and fishermen. Georg was forced to live the life of her subjects, living, and working on schooners and sailboats.

GARY CAWOOD stages still life photography in areas of disturbed land in his series Excavation. Cawood places naturally occurring objects within a landscape to observe how nature recovers from the scars rendered by humans. He is especially interested in how his compositions evolve through the forces of nature, sometimes within a matter of hours.

TERRI WHEELER begins with detailed sketches and drawings, she then transforms the drawings into simple lines and bold colors.

ROBERT MATHEWS uses bold colors, thick paint, and a large format to invite the viewers to take a closer look at everyday objects.

April 11 – 25, 2014


Watson_Joey_ULTRA-Mugs_EX_4-14-web-small Smith_Rachel_Fish-Spoon_EX_4-14-web-small Reed_Sophia_Face-it_EX_4014-web-small Johnson_Rendale_Chair-with-Pot_EX_4-14-web-small
(Left to Right)


Juror Tommy Frank – Studio Manager of Red Star Studios

Exhibiting artists: Joseph Amir, Nicole  Anderson, Joy Arthur, Lea Belcher, Rachael Bergeron, Miranda Bertucci, Rebecca Brewer, Elizabeth Brown, Ly Bui, Doug Busby, Katelyn Butler, Christine Carreira, John Champion III, Jaymie Collins, Sebra Debrecht, Erin Dvorak, Jessica Ferrell, Keegan Fitzgerald, Aza Francis, Cherlynn  Frizell, Maria Haag, Jessica Heidemann, Lori Hill, Jennifer Horan, Jeanne Hrabe, Kahlil Irving, Rendale Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Patrick Larsen, Sam Ludwig, Hugh Mac Faden, James Martin, Kathleen Mccarther, Emily Morlan, Emma Nelson, Alex Olson, Sophia Reed, Mary Ripka, Amanda Schneider, Kyle Selley, Alex Skorija, Rachel Smith, Michael Steddum, Kristine Steddum, Kyle Stevens, John Stringer, Brielle Underhill, Sean Ward, Joey Watson, & Nicole Wilson.

May 9 – June 20, 2014

Chin Rosenthal Furman
(Left to Right)

SHIN-HEE CHIN The conventional “feminine” activity of needle works and media that have been traditionally associated with the feminine become the medium for making of art. Chin’s sculptural production shows that seemingly ‘menial female work can be a source of pleasure and power for women.

BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL “I am interested in a practice where ideas moves across materials and methodologies, as I seek new ways to address burning questions from different angles of approach. Moving between tangible space, visible time, and invisible space, I find myself questioning the authenticity of our physical experience in an age where the boundaries between reality and the virtual become indistinguishable.”

ANDREA FUHRMAN’s work is driven by her curiosity of magnification, abstraction, and color.  As a child, she spent hours viewing her father’s collection of college biology slides.  These small minute worlds inhabited by organic forms are the primary experiences that drive her paintings, photographs, and collage.

July 11 - August 22, 2014


Flynn Waneless Titterington Chenoweth
(Left to right)


Juror: Antonia Boström - Director of Curatorial Affairs, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Ms. Boström has more than 20 years of experience from art museums in London and the United States, including her former leadership position at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. Prior to her position at The Nelson-Atkins, Ms. Boström has worked with the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Royal Academy of Art, London, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Ms. Boström was born and raised in London and received her Ph.D. from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Exhibiting artists: Maryanna Adelman, Ron Anderson, Ronald Beeton, Judith Burngen, Brett Chenoweth, WM Daniel File, Genevieve Flynn, Betsy Forcade, Brandon Frederick, Rachelle Gardner, Maria Haag, Nina Irwin, Joyce Jablonski, Shakura Jackson, Amanda Jolley, Sharon Keller, Ada Koch, Ruth Kolker, Sara LaGrand, Ruth Laughlin, John Marak, Jo Narron, Rebecca Ofiesh, Rebecca riden, Betsy Knabe Roe, Larry Roggenkamp, Diane Salamon, Katherine Shadensack, Drew Simons, Sheron Smith, Jerry Stogsdill, David Titterington, VK Tucker, Marydorsey Wanless, and Don Wolfe.

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Also: Available to view online: http://issuu.com/jfskcac/docs/2014rivermarketregionalexhibition/1

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KATRINA REVENAUGH — captures the raw energy of street art through photography, creating vignettes of color, texture and moments that celebrate cities across the United States and abroad. She draws intricate patterns to deconstruct graffiti and celebrate its vibrant color and transformative nature. Her collages draw viewers into a re-imagined global and regional urban landscape.

September 12 – October 10, 2014

Forcade Paschke Hall

TIM FORCADE “I locate or construct situations where the light itself is likely to be most dominant. I do not intend to make pictures of objects. I intend to isolate light as objects affect it.”

TERESA PASCHKE “My artwork explores the merging of historical with the contemporary, traditional with innovative, simple with complex, hand-made with digitally assisted. In my most current work, embroidery isn’t used to illustrate a concept but rather embroidery is the concept. In previous work, however, I’ve used embroidery as another artist might use charcoal or bronze for its specific aesthetic qualities.”

ERIN HALL "I seek to preserve and rejuvenate the remains of memories. My alterations to found photographs create new perceptions that decompose the original moment; forgetting and creating all at once. I choose these orphaned photos for their direct effort to capture and conserve an experience, but fail in their abandonment and become forgotten memories themselves."

Or you can access the Artist's Pages on Issuu:
Tim Forcade
Teresa Paschke
Erin Hall

October 17 – November 14, 2014

Crossover Argentina_Yoon Kim_thumb Thornton_Alejandro_The Translation_thumb Clews_Becca_Underground_thumb

CROSSOVER KC - BS AS. An in-progress international collaborative printmaking project between artists questioning the established norms of the original production and authorship of artistic works. In this project one’s work, property and egos became irrelevant, as artists have to trust each other allowing themselves and their counterparts to place their hand-marks, images and matrixes on one’s previous works. Master Printer, Adriana Moracci, inspired by the work of Miguel Rivera, initiated the most recent CROSSOVER session.  The international project was completed at Proyecto’ace/Artist-in-Residence International Program in Buenos Aires Argentina, and directed by Alicia Candiani, from February to June 2013.

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Also available to view online: issuu

ALEJANDRO THORNTON I WRITE / I DRAW “Ale's work is related to Cy Twombly's work, but has an interesting quality of "frozen calligraphic poetry" that I find interesting. His trajectory as an artist is consistent, serious and professional. ” 
-- Luis Camnitzer, artist and professor emeritus from SUNY PDF of Exhibition Announcement

PLACE AND MEMORY - Kansas City Art Institute students participated in the Foreign Travel Led Program to Buenos Aires. Upon their return they created a series of works made in response to their experiences in Argentina and Uruguay. These visual sources, or tokens are being adapted and processed around notions of the found print and memory recollection.

November 21, 2014

Public Hanging

Our 3rd Annual open exhibition; all KCAC Members are welcome to bring one piece of artwork for the one night only exhibition. A special one night event! See art! Buy art! Take art home! Bring friends! Have fun! Meet art lovers! Meet artists! Dance to the music! Eat! Drink! Be Merry!

December 12, 2014 – January 16, 2015

Fondaw Schory Summers

RON FONDAW. Installation that explores the forces at play in the current shift from a reality based in a Newtonian paradigm of physics – where only matter is thought to effect matter, to a reality based in Quantum Physics where energy can effect matter. The exhibition tests ideas about how consciousness becomes energy and how the release of carbon might be a metaphor for this shift.

KAREN SCHORY. The photographs were captured over the course of one month in Florence, Italy. The subject is a 360 degree view of the Duomo, not the actual Duomo but rather reflections of the Duomo that evoke the smell of the place, the taste of the place, as well as the visual colors and textures. Each image is a single straight exposure.

R. GREGORY SUMMERS. The newest series titled "Painting a Peace of America" from Summers follows his journey across the United States as he loaded up his minivan with canvas, art supplies and four colors of paint. Summers recorded his travels in the plein air style with each piece speaking to a specific moment that Summers spent painting on location and his experiences in those moments.