2013 Exhibitions

March 1 – 31, 2013

Nugent_Laura_December-Separation_Archive-image Bernstein_Kevin_Crustose_Archive-Image Humphrey_Kwanza_IMG_2706_Archive Image Wender_Jean_Website-Archive-Image
(Left to Right)

LAURA NUGENT is influenced by quilts and textiles, which is evident in her use of a flattened grid, bold colors and imperfect patterns.  Nugent builds her surfaces in search of a visual depth and develops her narrative by layering color and form.

KEVIN BERNSTEIN takes the scientific and medical imagery of daily life and makes them part of his artwork. He focuses on the biological and organic in his works through pigment, paint and process in this series titled Collection.

KWANZA HUMPHREY uses color and deliberate brushstrokes to investigate character and feeling in his works.

JEAN WENDER explores the sawdust firing technique in this new series of works.

April 12 -26, 2013


Undergraduate-Belanger-1_Archive-Image Undergraduate-Belanger-2_-Archive-image Undergraduate-Ian_Archive-Image Undergraduate-Ian-2_Archive-Image
(Two Left and Two Right)


Juror: Amy Kligman, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Plug Projects

May 3 – 31, 2013

Smith_Nelson_IrratConversRemnt_EX_Archive-Image Thomas_Eileen_Mardi-Gras_Archive-Image Deuschle_Cathy_Irrational-Exuberance_Archive-Image Hare_John_The-Hare-Brothers_Archive-Image Peterson_Todd_The-Aviary_Archive-Image
(Left to Right)

NELSON SMITH studies the geological nature of the landscape to interpret the forces and patterns at work under the skin of the land. Smith’s current body of work is inspired by the landscape of Ballycastle, Ireland where he attended a residency which was in part funded by the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program.

EILEEN THOMAS chooses scenes from her childhood and memories to recreate in her works. An Oklahoma native, Thomas hopes to connect her audience with the history, places and events that make up the past as seen through her eyes.

CATHY DEUSCHLE explores sculpture, drawing and collage in her current body of work.

JOHN HARE combines illustration and emotion in his most current works.

TODD PETERSON honors family, friends and personal heroes in his recent images.

June 21 – July 20, 2013


Aitkens Boe_Jennifer_Sliced-Bacon-Slab-For-Your-Wrapping-Pleasure-1-through-21_Archive-Image Nowlin_Kristin_The-Land-of-Romance--Behind-the-Curtains_Archive-Image Zastoupil_Carol_Hillcrest_Archive-Image
(Left to Right)


Juror: Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine



SID LASER As I came to realize I cannot be an old master and as I have a cartoon mind, I am learning to let my work become what it must be.

August 9 – September 21, 2013

Zughaib120213_2c-Arab-Spring-Archive-Image Whitlatch_Corinne_Hebron-Architecture-of-Fire-and-Water_Archive-Image The-Neverending-Leisure-Archive-Image

Roomi_fatima-Self-Portrait-flowered-scarf-web-small Sattar_Sophia-Ahmed_Bay-Bridge_EX_8_13-web-small MemoryLeaks_01-web-small cobanli_zehra_Installation-web-small
(Left to Right)

HELEN ZUGHAIB (USA/LEBANON) As an Arab American, Helen is an observer of both the Arab and American cultures. She believes that the arts are one of the most important tools we have to help shape and foster dialogue and positive ideas between the Middle East and the United States.

CORINNE WHITLATCH (USA) I am inspired by the shards and artifacts gathered on my travels across the region – from Morocco east to Iran and Turkey in the west. Found objects, ceramics, pressed plants, minerals, and mosaics are joined with glass and hammered and pierced brass.

SHEIKH SHAHRIAR AHMED (BANGLADESH) An eager observer from an early age he captures what his eyes see, vibrant Bangladeshi life  and offers to the world through his photographs.

FATIMA ABU ROOMI (PALESTINE) In her paintings and videos Fatima conveys her sense of herself as a woman, and her incisive stance against the deprivation of women and against men’s ownership over them. Her brave, revealing, rebelliously beautiful work raises social critique so as to build a better society.

SOPHIA AHMED SATTAR (USA/PAKISTAN) I use calligraphy as shapes, rather than letters or words. The calligraphy is not meant to be read, but enjoyed. Keeping it as a dominant element in my paintings, written words give the impression of random brushstrokes, patterns or single letters develop into decorative loops.

PRITIKA CHOWDHRY (USA/INDIA) I am appropriating the dharapatras and havans as objects loaded with ritual significance, and reinscribing them as containers of history that tenaciously hold and incessantly leak the memories of this communal strife into the present day.  Each of the havans contain partially burnt books written in Urdu, the language spoken by Muslims in India and Pakistan.

ZEHRA COBANLI (TURKEY) This work part of Çobanli blue series evolves from traditional Turkish ceramics. She is a master of use colored slips and slips decoration techniques. The  blue color is inherent in the blue clay.



SARAH NYUGEN uses modern mediums and techniques to create the images presented in her works. She then allows forces such as gravity, chemical interaction and chance to take over and dissolve the forms. The combinations of these two techniques allow for the boundaries between dreams and waking life to begin to dissolve.

October 11 – November 8,2013

Velasco_Maria_A-Very-Long-Night-La-Noche-Mas-Larga_Archive-Image Suzhou-Branch-Archive-Image Beasley_James_Curious-Child_Archive-Image Ross_Shannon_Green2_Archive-Image
(Left to Right)

MARIA VELASCO centers her current body of work on a multi-media installation using graphite, large-scale digital prints and experimental animation to create an enigmatic installation that invites the viewers to join in a poetic and poignant journey to unravel the mystery that has been created on the gallery walls.

CLYDE HEPPNER The Ancient’s Views is a series of compositions from the ancient Chinese gardens of Suzhou and the Huangshan Mountains in China. The locations in photograph have been visited over many centuries by Chinese master painters. Heppner strives to employ the same principles and techniques of these Chinese masters into his own images.

JAMES BEASLEY uses line and bold color to create and define space in this abstract body of work.

SHANNON ROSS creates abstract works using various tools, techniques and mediums.

December 13, 2013 – January 17, 2014

Troutman_14-web-Archive-Image Birthday-Archive-Image 13-Archive-Image Confession-II-Archive-Image
(Left to Right)

CHRISTOPHER TROUTMAN chooses ordinary people and their environments as subjects to begin his extraordinarily large depictions of everyday life.  Troutman focuses on the unique gestures of human figures and dynamic urban settings as he begins placing abstract marks on the canvas and transforming them into recognizable figurative imagery.  The relationships between his figures are used to provoke the viewers to associate images with their own personal experiences and memories.

MICHAEL LASATER creates video and audio installations that center on issues of perception, memory, personal narrative, and the construction of meaning over time.  Lasater explores who and what we are as human beings both personally and culturally.  He especially enjoys focusing on who we become as a result of choices we make in the process of self-definition.

SARAH KRAWCHECK uses her current body of photography to address her daily journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

CYNTHIA BJORN enjoys challenging texture and transparency of paint by creating tension between the application of paint in varying consistencies.