2012 Exhibitions

MARCH 2 – 30, 2012

(Left to Right)

BRETT RIEF attempts to harness the chaos and desperation of the middle of the middle of America. Reif often fuses common household materials with semi-exotic art textures, supplies and procedures. This body of work employs home improvement techniques and procedures, along with everyday materials and objects as a metaphor to visualize the crisis of Main Street middle America.

MOMOKO USAMI uses a mixture of ceramics, projection and shadow to express her interest in various views in a witty and playful way. Usami’s current body of work explores how people build their own views through their memories. Through her art, Usami tries to hold on to the day to day nonsense of the real world and make people uncover fresh views in their everyday lives. Her interest in real life makes us think about observing the world carefully.

TERI KEEGAN CASTROP has recently begun to create installations inspired by literature, specifically Virginia Woolf. The installation and sculptures, are scenes akin to snapshots of a poignant moments in the life of someone that is beloved to Keegan-Castrop. The Girl in Bed installation that will be at the Artists Coalition, utilizes found objects to evoke memories of the past. The images are then projected behind these objects or sculptures. These “snapshots” are used to take us back mentally while we remain rooted physically in the present.

APRIL 13 – 27, 2012


Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
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MAY 11 – JUNE 22, 2012

Naughton Mullenix Avondet Denton Williamson
(Left to Right)

NICHOLAS NAUGHTON's work explores Naughton’s personal motivations. This exhibition will explore work as exertion, migrant labor, and the politics relating to social class and the existence of an underclass in the developed world. Naughton delves into the meaning of the word through a diverse array of medium including prints and collages. “Work is sweat on a brow, a wrinkled forehead, or callused hands. Work is etched in the dust on the face of one laboring.”

ROBERT MULLENIX's works are a fusion of photo-montage and hand-painted imagery. Mullenix’s intention for melding these two methods together is to create a visual reference to the role that the filter of media and cameras play in our perception of and relationship to the landscape. He even goes so far as to repaint photocopies and then takes the next step to paint photocopies of photocopies, thus calling the audiences attention to painting in the age of mechanical reproduction.

NATALIE AVONDET The strong markings of Avondet’s works are the basis of these bold abstract pieces.

TED DENTON The assemblage creations of Denton’s work are spontaneous and built with a concentrated state of playfulness.

BYRON WILLIAMSON These delightful ceramic pieces by Williamson are meant to entertain the viewers as they take a deeper look.

JULY 6 - 27, 2012

Crossover Scuilla Leong
(Left to Right)

CROSSOVER includes Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, Cara Jaye, Miguel Rivera, Michael Schonhoff, and Melanie Yazzie.

JASON SCUILLA The prints and drawings in this collection are inspired by works of art that Scuilla has studied during his travels in Rome, Italy. Through traditional etching, Scuilla re-imagined historic Italian artworks into his own contemporary aesthetic. Scuilla creates this imagery in order to express the complex and timeless emotions of power, art-making and physical interactions.

MEGAN LEONG In her work, Leong explores the differences and overlap of art and craft and Eastern and Western. Through the use of images and colors that inspire her, she begins her painting process. As she lays down broad strokes and bright colors, Leong encourages her audience to step into her inner thoughts and daydreams.

SEPTEMBER 7 – 28, 2012

Springer Erhlich Bradley
(Left to Right)

BETHANY SPRINGER examines the ideas of place, territory, belonging and displacement. How place is established, reinforced and lost is a concept which is represented through metaphors of biology, territory, communication and security. Springer views her works as “situational experiments that monitor awareness in a constantly accelerating world”.

CONNIE ERHLICH allows the audience to walk with her through her experience with breast cancer. This series begins with the diagnosis, goes through treatment and brings us into the present day of her remission. Having received her degree in painting from the University of Kansas in 1993, Ehrlich knew that the only way to release her intensely varying and deep feelings was through the act of making art. The creative process of art making became her “saving grace” against cancer.

FRANK BRADLEY JR uses digital photography to capture the night lights of downtown Kansas City in a very different way. These images showcased along with ambient music and a live musical performance by Bradley, use rhythm, harmony, repetition and abstraction in order to engage the audience. He encourages his viewers to look beneath the surface and beyond the abstraction.


BeckerEvans Condit
(Left to Right)

SAUL BECKER received a LIAEP Grant in 2010 to attend a residency in the Arctic Circle aboard a 125’ schooner with 17 other artists and scientists for18 days. The mysterious and eerie landscapes exhibited in this show are a result of his time spent in the Arctic Circle. Becker does not attempt to deliver precise visual accounts of his travels, but instead creates composite landscapes from both photographic and mental imagery.

SHANE EVANS is a Kansas City artist, who received a LIAEP grant in 2008 to travel to Lesotho, South Africa for one month. During his stay in South Africa, Evans visted the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation-Lesotho. Here he was able to interact and engage with children that were born and exposed to HIV. The works reflected in this exhibition are the illustrations and images that have come out of his travels to South Africa and his experiences since then with children across the world.

CECILIA CONDIT received a LIAEP grant in 2010 in order to attend a residency at the Burren College of Art in Western Ireland for five weeks. During her time at the residency, Condit was able to further explore her method of storytelling through video. Her work in “Within a Stone’s Throw” was filmed in the Burren region of Ireland and discusses the effects of the continuous settlement of the land dating back to the Neolithic period.

DECEMBER 7, 2012 – JANUARY 11, 2013

Bitters Derezinski Sleadd TEETER
(Left to Right)

SHAWN BITTERS creates an unsteady environment for us as we walk into the space his sculptures encompass. Bitters creates rock formations that seem to emerge from the wall or grow up from the floor as they take form and substance organically. The rocks are created through a combination of printmaking and papermaking .

MATTHEW DEREZINSKI incorporates decaying architecture, nature and the mid-western landscape into the various layers of his works. In each work, Derezinski invites the viewer into the work on a subconscious and emotional level. The photographic manipulated imagery encourages the viewer to navigate the implied narratives in their own way, based on their own personal experience.

MIKE SLEADD AND CHRIS TEETER come together in this two person show entitled, Watch Your Head. Sleadd uses simple subjects to express their deeper identities through the use of line, ink and pen. Teeter delves into the world of sculpture, while trying to understand and explore the nature of the world that is surrounding him.