The Kansas City Artists Coalition’s exhibitions explore the diversity of expression that shape contemporary culture, art, and ideas. KCAC is a space for innovative and experimental art, which does not readily lend itself to commercial venues. KCAC also aggressively supports and embraces local and regional artists’ work.



MICAELA de VIVERO uses non-traditional materials and techniques drawn and repurposed from various aspects of daily life to create large-scale sculptures or multi-object installations. de Vivero approaches her installations as compositions in space in which she creates an opening for the viewer to circulate through the environments that are larger than human sized. Though existing as sculptural objects, de Vivero's works create a contradiction through the use of traditionally un-structrual materials.


GREGORY GUTENKO worked in commercial film and TV production, where he made many time-based products with good, sensible images and conveyed content. Consequently, his impulses with his own film/video production have been alternative and deconstructive, with limited content. The videos Gutenko will display push generation image loss, misalign red, blue, green components of mostly monochromatic images, and destabilize color bar test patterns.


IONE ANGILAN is fascinated by the human form and its expressive qualities. Through allegorical themes, her figures offer hope and humor in the face of adversity, desolation, isolation, and disparity. Angilan plays with the scale in which her figures interact to communicate man's relationship with nature and create varied environments.