tara karaim

The River Market Regional Exhibition (RMRE) at KCAC is up through September 22nd and as we walked through the galleries enjoying all the amazing artwork from artists across the region we realized that it was high time these artists did a take over of our Instagram account! SO, over the next few weeks many of the artists you see in our galleries for the RMRE will be taking on our account! THIS week we are happy to feature the work of current KCAC exhibiting artist Tara Karaim (@tarakaraimart)!

Without further ado, here are a few words from Tara about her work, subject matter and process…

“Is there a right way to portray the modern woman in art? If so what is it? Who is this modern woman really? These are the questions that drive me. As an art historian, I have been confronted with all of the wrong ways that men have portrayed women throughout time. I am certain there is not one correct answer, but I am determined to try.

In my current work, I am taking a new route to portraying women. I’m interested in how women want to be portrayed. Isn’t the true essence of being a modern woman, being what you want to be? I have departed on a path where I collaborate with my female friends, family, and colleagues and ask them how they see themselves and how they want to be seen. I am the recorder of their interests, personalities, achievements, and essences. I intend to show the depth and variety of women and I hope to empower them by legitimizing their choices in large, beautiful paintings.

In these works, I work closely with my female subject to convey what she has chosen to convey. Her thoughts and choices are just as important to the work as my painting it. I use a naturalistic style that captures all of the details of her vision. I strive for realism and accuracy in terms of the amount of detail in hopes of mirroring the amount of depth and detail in these women’s lives.”

We are thrilled to see what Tara has in store for us, so here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Karaim_Tara_Image-1_AL_8_17     Karaim_Tara_Image-2_AL_8_17     Karaim_Tara_Image-3_AL_8_17

Be sure to follow Tara on her KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, August 17th – Tuesday, August 22nd!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle