robin vanhoozer

The KCAC Artist Lifestyle is back this week with long time KCAC member and friend Robin VanHoozer (@robinvanhoozerart)!

Robin received her Masters of Arts in Painting from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and has been pursuing a successful arts career ever since! Her focus has over time shifted from painting to encaustic works and most recently shifted to encaustic 3D work. Robin’s works have a free flowing and abstract feeling to them that often give the viewer a sense of ethereal imagery floating along in the currents.

We are very excited to see what Robin has in store for us this week, so here are a few words from her about her current work and artistic inspiration…

“Just as we must live in both a “real” world and in the world of our minds and imaginations my work interlaces what I see and what I imagine.  I strive to find the link between the reality and my inner being.  Woven throughout my work are glimpses of what I see and what I can imagine. Building a visual tapestry by collecting a texture, a shape, a color, or a particularly nice line is a powerful tool in my art making. The constant transformations that occur over the course of creating inspire me to observe the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The use of encaustic wax in my art practice allows me to explore multiple layers of translucency.  Materials such as thread often become part of the tapestry in the layers of wax.  The transparent and translucent layers allow me to choose what I reveal or conceal.  When I enter my studio I weave what I have captured, glimpsed, or noticed from the corner of my eye. The evolutionary path I travel with each image is a unique perplexity.  The revelations that are unveiled surprise and delight.”

We just can’t wait to see what Robin has in store for us, so here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

VanHoozer_Robin_Image 1_AL_12_17      VanHoozer_Robin_Image 6_AL_12_17     VanHoozer_Robin_Image 3_AL_12_17

Be sure to follow Robin on her KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, December 14th – Tuesday, December 19th!

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