Teresa Harrison

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Teresa’s innate creative spirit always brings her back to artistic pursuits (writing, visual arts, cello), no matter how many detours and obstacles life sends her. Her latest paintings were born out of the need to express the frustrations of a scattered mind and an equal need to capture the joy of light’s intense colors–the colors she enjoys every sunny day when the light shines through the many prisms she has installed at her bedroom windows. She has loved moving from the absolute control of her tree drawings to the flowing freedom of abstract expressionism.

“After I started painting again, I discovered something surprising: for me, painting is physically uplifting. As a meditation practitioner, I am well-aware of tension, stress, and breathing patterns. I had never realized before how much I held my breath or how tense I was when attending to the details of so much of my art. Abstract painting has released me! For now, I am really enjoying this chapter of my journey.”

Teresa received her BFA with distinction from the University of Kansas. Her art experiences there included sculpting, glassblowing, and metalsmithing. She also excelled in English and creative writing which led to jobs as a craft magazine editor and a newsletter publisher. A long-time personal spiritual search eventually led to a doctorate in metaphysical sciences. She is a meditation facilitator and a certified hypnotist. Teresa looks forward to becoming more involved in the Kansas City metropolitan art community.