Tanya Lueck

  • Lueck_Tanya_butterfly-nebula
  • Lueck_Tanya_gods-eye-nebula
  • Lueck_Tanya_light-echo-february-v838-mon-acrylic-on-wood-24×24-2016
  • Lueck_Tanya_reflection-iras-2196-6300-oil-on-wood-32×32-2016
  • Lueck_Tanya_singularity-iras-2196-6300-oil-on-wood-32×32-2016


Lueck’s current body of work revolves around the unique and beautiful features of our universe. Images retrieved through years of progress and anticipation reveal untold stories of far away places where stars are born and die, and can likely even show a glimpse into the past. These stories are not only scientifically interesting, but they create captivating imagery which sparks the imagination and awakens a childlike sense of wonder.

“Our sense of physics, space, and even time can be rendered unstable as we continue to delve deeper into cosmic mysteries and theories of chaos. Exploring the wonders of the universe with a genuine sense of curiosity – and sharing that experience with others – is my main ambition as an artist.”

Lueck graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California, with a BFA in Studio Art. She has exhibited work in galleries throughout California, Florida, and Missouri, including Todd Weiner Gallery, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Belger Crane Yard Studios, the Guggenheim


Gallery, and the American Museum of Ceramic Art.