Mark Kuykendall

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Compositional balance, change over time, relationships between elements, dynamism, error and correction, addition and subtraction and the internal artistic argument about a piece of work are key to Mark Kuykendall’s abstracts. Mark tries to skate the edge of representation while employing organic shapes and lines that suggest parts of real things, without allowing any clear cues to materialize, making each work a sort of projective test for the viewer.

“In order for one of my paintings to be more than just ‘good,’ I have to run the risk of screwing them up. Then it gets fun again and some part of my subconscious remembers what art is at a visceral level, and I can carry on. This happens several times per painting, ideally.”

Kuykendall has attended Tulsa University, Rockhurst University and, most recently, Avila University where he attained his MS in Psychology. He has exhibited in Tulsa, Kansas and Missouri.