Lorrie Boydston

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As a native of Suburban Kansas City, I am a product of suburbia and continue to live and raise my own family on the edge of civilization.  Amongst the fabricated, redundant landscape I find myself capturing what I see as little glimpses of life or a moment of redemption in an otherwise mundane and whitewashed environment.  My work explores the dichotomy of suburban life as it relates to our personal ideas of what is private and public.  My use of both photography and painting echoes the conceptual nature of the suburban subject matter and speaks of the tension between illusion and reality.

Underneath my rather optimistic angle on suburbia are underlying concerns for the environment as well as comments on consumerism, domesticity and time.  Recent works also explore the idea of the abstract grid as an underlying structure echoing the redundancy of the architecture and landscape in subdivision developments. Utilizing found objects in many of my mixed media works brings a concrete, physical connection to my immediate environment.  The Plexiglas that I use is a material that is fabricated and transparent -not a typical canvas that an artist would choose on which to paint.  The smooth surface is unforgiving yet lets a little light shine through here and there.

Within this pristine landscape I am suggesting a practical search for spirituality often using water as a metaphor for renewal, rebirth and cleansing. The innocence of children in honest play provides an atmosphere of living in the moment and positive redemption from an otherwise monotonous space and stressful daily routine.  My images are a reminder of our need to slow down and see the good wherever we are.