Kim Taggart

  • TAGGART_Against the Grain
  • TAGGART_KIM_Brome Field
  • TAGGART_KIM_Hill At Dawn
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As a native Kansan, my fascination with a Midwest sky and rural scenes has inspired my art. My graphite creations explore untroubled horizons and depict everyday subjects that
inspire an emotional response in most people. Although atypical for a landscape, the
energetic black and white style of my work forces the viewer to interpret a sunrise or storm without the significant element of color—to appreciate the raw, unprocessed palette and
inspire admiration for its organic/inorganic shapes, the contrast in values, texture and graceful form. My unique focus takes graphite to a whole new level— which I like to define as a “graphite painting.” My technique is a dreamy, surreal-precisionist saturation of tones. Using loose graphite applied with a brush for subtle delineation in the smoothest textures my art takes form when charcoal/graphite sticks create contrasting shapes and textures. Balance, light, and patterns found in nature all inform my compositions. Using a trusted square shape is peaceful, honest, and seen as earthbound—a perfect format for my landscapes.

With my Kansas heritage—and the fact my last name ends with “art”—it seems only natural that I have come to celebrate the Midwest’s beauty through my work. To honor my good fortune, I brand my fine art with the TAGG logo mark, which is present on every piece.