John Junge

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I moved to Kansas City in 1974 to establish a national distribution center for ARABIA of Finland. A prominent producer of fine tableware, glassware, and cookware, ARABIA is considered one of the design greats of the Mid-Century tableware business.

In 1976, I established a new company in Kansas City, Waechtersbach, USA which was also a tabletop maker from Germany. WUSA sold the finest specialty stores and department stores across the country. I was very closely involved in re-interpreting the Waechtersbach designs & styles for the American Market. I left WUSA in 1988.

I have since been involved with the development and marketing of fine tableware from worldwide sources and I’ve also worked with with European and Asian producers of horticultural pottery. Our flowerpot company, River Market Pottery, Inc., had to close during the recent recession. Since then, I’ve started drawing again and found great satisfaction in using many of the decorative techniques of my past. I use inks and colored pencils.

C.S.Lewis wrote that he published his children’s books because he wanted to write stories that he and his brother would have liked. I love that idea and I draw pictures of places, spaces, and creatures that I would like to see.