Jeff Lyons

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Following a postponement of close to thirty years I revisited a series of simple pencil studies I had worked on soon after leaving a New York art school. It was from these studies I launched a delayed but renewed creative effort of colored pencil drawings and acrylic paintings. Each piece bears the influence of my academic training in architecture and graphic design as well as exposure to trends in American painting during the late 1960’s.

Motivated to discover the aesthetic power and visual energy of simple form, line, and color, each piece is designed and rendered to give them their own sense of being and presence. I judge them to be complete and successful when they harmonize with that unseen yet very present ideal within me, visually striking that “internal chord.”

For the last few years most of what I have done has been generated by an experience with my grandson. He had put together an “airplane” using popular children’s building bricks and asked me to draw it, which I did. Their geometric forms, their pure colors along with the creative vision of a child embodied in these toys captured my adult attention.