Ingerlene Frick

  • Frick blue meets green KCAC
  • Frick Come to Our Party KCAC
  • Frick Hello Love KCAC
  • Frick red and yellow flowers KCAC
  • Frick yellow poppies


Joy. In a word, that’s what my artwork and workshops are about. (There’s enough sadness in the world, dammit.)

Through my art, I strive to put some playfulness, hope, thoughtfulness and joy into the world. Each painting represents a personal, mindful effort to focus on the good—while gaining perspective on the tragedies we all must live and get through.

In my ongoing Instagram series #joywins, I share my journey through…determined that despite major life setbacks, joy can and will be present again. I believe that this is true for all of us. My art is an extension of this belief and a way of encouraging joy in the world, in you, in everybody.

Joy is not a denial of despair or tragedy—in my own life, cancer, sexual assault & depression—has deeply affected me either through my own or my loved ones’ experiences.

In the little worlds I create, Joy Wins.

Every time.