Genevieve Landregan

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I am fascinated with the human face, old, young, male, female. All of the expressions that explore emotion. I have been through a transitioning phase these past months where I finally feel I am finding my own style (after 27 years of trying all kinds of styles.) I have been exploring once again the depth of colors laid on layer by layer in acrylic. I want the observer to continually discover new colors and shapes as they recede then appear again.

Genevieve Landregan received her B.A. in Art Education from the University of Dallas in 1977. She later studied painting under the mentor ship of International artist Alberto Mijangos. Later studies included Portrait studies with renowned Portrait Artist Daniel Greene and studies in Iconography from the Prosopon School o Iconoly and Graphic Design from Schreiner Univerity, Kerrville, Texas.

She has exhibited in Pisa, Italy where she received the prestigious International Galileo Award for Art; Kansas City, Missouri; New York, NY; Chicago and San Antonio, Texas.