Daniel Garcia

  • GARCIA_DANIEL_Dear Uncle Blues
  • GARCIA_DANIEL_ForeverIndian
  • GARCIA_DANIEL_FullBodyPortraitSacredPheonixofAthens
  • GARCIA_DANIEL_LastoftheBuffalo
  • GARCIA_DANIEL_nationalpawnshopmural


My motivation for artwork is to express myself in perfected ways that contradict the world as not being seemingly perfect. Therefore, motifs and messages are presented from history and current and past social issues that are untold or ‘forgotten’. At least I plan to take my craft at a stage of not just delightful art, but art with meaning similar to the songwriter’s dilemma of reading the message between the lines. I am at a stage where I do not have the luxury to present my observant issues yet, but am enriching myself to be culturally competent. With a broad mind, a wide range of mediums and styles are being developed in order to tame the message in an aesthetic manner. I often spread my desire into new topics in investigation of projects as all artists are creative, which leads to over thinking, and in my case stress as well. But that’s okay, stress means I have a profound conscious for my talent.