• Krasny Brown_Laurene_Summer Bouquet_WB_10_17

    Laurene Krasny Brown

    LAURENE KRASNY BROWN Brown’s art making is grounded in the belief that the daily rituals of our intimate domestic life…

  • Andrea Fuhrman

    Andrea Fuhrman

     ANDREA FUHRMAN “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”– Paul Gauguin, 1848-1903 As a small child, Andrea Fuhrman peered through her…

  • Niedenthal_Ada_CircleTheSun

    Ada Niedenthal

    ADA NIEDENTHAL Making art is Ada Niedenthal’s automatic and essential response to the ideas, events, and images that show up…

  • Horvat_Kate_Cathryn Farley Photography

    Kate Horvat

    KATE HORVAT Mystery intrigues Kate Horvat and she explores this through her creative practice. She is interested in the tensions,…

  • MATHEWS_BOB_Aging Royalty

    Bob Mathews

    BOB MATHEWS I am not a “Weekend Painter”. I get up in the morning thinking about art and go to…

  • Vesce_Catherine_Into the Woods II

    Catherine Vesce

    CATHERINE VESCE There is continuity in the work of Catherine Vesce relating to the midwestern landscape, particularly its heavily wooded…

  • Jo Narron

    Jo Narron

    JO NARRON Jo Narron was born with a passion to create art, so much so that she ate crayons as…

  • Sid Laser

    Sid Laser

    SID LASER Sid Laser’s large paintings seek to provoke thought and relate to the viewer through their narrative on a…

  • Yeager_Henry_Autumn's First Frost 1

    Henry Yeager

    HENRY YEAGER Henry Yeager has been creating stained glass for many years.  His desire to learn the process of making…

  • Heinrich Toh

    Heinrich Toh

    HEINRICH TOH Heinrich Toh’s work explores the evolution of identity by synthesizing memories of past with the present. Inspired by…

  • Bjorn_Cynthia_Echoes

    Cynthia Bjorn

    CYNTHIA BJORN Unattainable destinations, is a theme that overlays much of Cynthia Bjorn’s work. She includes Asemic writing as a…

  • Pete Jacobs

    Pete Jacobs