monica dixon

The KCAC Artist Lifestyle Project is kicking things back up this week with local artist Monica Dixon (@m.o.n.i.c.a.d.i.x.o.n)! We are thrilled to have Monica join us this week and to share with all of you her unique artworks and art experiences.

We first saw Monica’s work several months ago at the Art in the Loop 2017 kick off event. Her environmental friendly installation in City Market Park coupled with her weekly yoga meditations within the installation throughout this summer had us hooked! Monica’s artwork ranges from bold fiber installations to movement workshops based on encouraging community to come together and find expression through motion. Her multi-disciplinary art keeps the viewer asking for more and definitely had us interested in seeing what the next event or installation might be!

Her are a few words about Monica’s artwork and inspiration in her own words:

“My practice encompasses installation, sculpture, collage, costuming, and movement workshops. Pervading the various forms my work takes is a fascination with exploring the elusive, seemingly intangible elements of personal reality (memory, pain, pleasure, emotion, beliefs, etc.) through sensual experience.

My allegiance to fabric developed through realizing it’s potential give life to inanimate objects, and subtly bring the viewer into heightened awareness of their own sense of touch. Humans have an ancient and intimate relationship with fabric; we are almost constantly in physical contact with it. The inherent qualities of fabric – softness, agility, and fluidity, lend it to perpetual use in daily experience. This adaptable material warms, protects, adorns, and cleans the human body, the spaces we inhabit, and the objects we venerate. In my work with fabric, I explore this familiarity by projecting my own experiences and understandings into the pieces I create for audiences and participants to do the same. Vibrant color, liminal forms, soft geometry, and lush textures appear frequently. Similarly to how I use the material of fabric, these qualities serve as visual tools to bring viewers into relationship with their own tactile responses. Through sensory contemplation, we learn to decode the languages of pleasure and pain. We develop capacity for awareness, draw connections between the tangible and the intangible, and open ourselves to empathetic relationships to the unknown and the other.

In the search for beauty, vibrancy, and joy, I strive to create images, objects, spaces, and events that embolden people to accept and acknowledge what is uncomfortable or undesirable in order to cultivate consciousness and engage more fully with the material world.”

We are very excited to see what Monica has in store for us, so here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Dixon_Monica_Image 5_AL_7_17     Dixon_Monica_Image 1_AL_7_17     Dixon_Monica_Image 3_AL_7_17

Be sure to follow Monica on her KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, July 27th – Tuesday, August 1st!

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