jillian youngbird

Summer feels like it is firmly upon us here in Kansas City, but we have the best solution to this heat wave…The KCAC Artist Lifestyle Project! This week we are happy to share the works of local artist Jillian Youngbird (@jillianyoungbird). We have been watching Jillian’s work evolve and unfold over the past year and we are very excited to be able to share her world with everyone through the KCAC Instagram account! Her works are an investigation into the world that is happening around her and in turn her reactions to what she sees occurring. The results are manifested through paintings, sculptures and performance pieces that invite the viewer into a little slice of Jillian’s world.

SO, without further ado, here are a few words about Jillian, her work and her artistic approach to her artwork:

“I grew up in a place where you warsh your clothes and swim in the crick. A small time capsule of community that spit and farmed and could turn out a folksy phrase as easy as one draws breath. It’s a place “all timber and bobcats”, as I once heard.

Being of Native American decent, while growing up in the Ozarks hills formed an interesting narrative in my self-identity. Story-telling has always been an important part of both cultures. In my study of Ozarkian and Native lore I’ve come to find common threads and motives; different versions of the same story. This kind of artistic story-telling can function as expression of personal and group identity, as well as providing political and social control. Regardless of whether it tells the whole truth or a romanticized caricature, folklore gives you a vibrant visual history.

Through the study of nature, history, and folklore I use recycled and found materials from my environment to create sculpture, photographs and performances that investigate my impact on the natural world and my place between two interwoven cultures.”

We are very excited to see what Jillian has in store for us! Here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Youngbird_Jillian_Bear Head_AL_6_17 Youngbird_Jillian_Bird_Offering_AL_6_17 Youngbird_Jillian_Installation_AL_6_17

Be sure to follow Jillian on her KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, June 15th – Tuesday, June 20th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle