jill gapczynski

KCAC Artist Lifestyle Project is back this week with guest artist Jill Gapczynski (@jillgapczynski_art). Jill came to us several weeks ago and asked us if she could jump into the Artist Lifestyle rotation. We took one look at her stunning photos and beautiful abstract paintings and said “Absolutely!”. Jill received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and upon graduation has spent time as a Graphic Designer at Hallmark Cards, doing freelance graphics work and mixing in some fun exhibitions and pop up shops along the way! We are very excited to learn more about Jill and her art world through the KCAC Instagram lens with everyone else this week.

SO, without further ado, here are a few words about Jill, her work and her method:

“The relationships in my life have been a main source of inspiration. They inform the color palettes, textures and movements in my work. My abstract paintings reflect both my self-awareness and my awareness of others. Paint and the way it moves on the canvas, the push and pull, the light and dark, the thick and thin, all convey a sense of how I interact with the world and others. My work is a representation of change—change in the interpersonal relationships in my life.”

We are thrilled to see what Jill has in store for us! Here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Gapczynski_Jill_Image-1_AL_6_17     Gapczynski_Jill_Image-2_AL_6_17     Gapczynski_Jill_Image-3_AL_6_17

Be sure to follow Jill on her KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, June 29th – Tuesday, July 4th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle