erick felix

The KCAC Artist Lifestyle is BACK this week with local artist local printmaker Erick Felix (@erickstrechfelix)!

Erick received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. He has had solo and group exhibitions across the Kansas City area was included in the Dia De Los Muertos alter at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in 2017. We are very excited to look at the art world through Erick’s take over, so to get things started, here are a few words about his work and artistic inspiration…

“My art started as a connection with people, like a validation for myself in my middle school and high school years. I started with graffiti and calligraphy, I would write names and words for people so they can show it off by placing it in front of their folder. My materials were simple, acrylic paints, markers, pens, spray paint. The names stood in place as portraits, and sometimes the words can embody an entire statement. I was always intrigued by the story and the individual, all being from different backgrounds but connecting with me through the art or lettering. My art moved from this to painting and eventually making my way into printmaking. I always had the same idea in my art, I always wanted to tell a story.

Today my prints or paintings are very process orientated. There is no one way I start but in every piece there are multiple ideas and stories that go with it. I keep multiple notebooks that I write anything from my thoughts to lyrics that I use. I take photographs of people with my phone or camera that I use as a reference for my prints. The photographs themselves are never in a controlled environment and usually happen during a night of drinking and conversations. All of the drawings are digitally drawn while I am alone with a playlist that influences the design also. The end product is usually a mixture of feelings, ideas and thoughts throughout a week or night.”

We just can’t wait to see what Erick has in store for us, so here are a few images of his artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Felix_Erick_Image-1_AL_2_18      Felix_Erick_Image-2_AL_2_18     Felix_Erick_Image-3_AL_2_18     Felix_Erick_Image-4_AL_2_18

Be sure to follow Erick on his KCAC Instagram journey starting tomorrow Thursday, February 8th – Tuesday, February 13th!

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