elizabeth martinez

We are pretty excited for our next KCAC Artist Lifestyle artist, not only because she and her art are fabulous, BUT because her artwork is currently showcased in our Underground Gallery this month! Please help us in welcoming local print-maker Elizabeth Martinez (@lizmtzdesigns) to the KCAC Instagram account this week!

Over the next few days Liz will be sharing with us her Senior Thesis exhibition, her artwork inspiration and the in’s and out’s of navigating her senior year at KCAI with life, work and play. We are very excited to see what all Liz has in store for us, but here are a few words about Liz and her work in her own words…

“I create art motivated by my upbringing, which places overtly gendered expectations on Mexican women. My most recent work is a representation of my struggle between being my own person and wanting to pursue my dreams, while still feeling obligated to fulfilling the role of a traditional Mexican woman.

My work is influenced by vernacular arts such as woodcuts, talavera, Mexican ceramic tile, and the huipil, embroidered Mayan textiles worn by indigenous women in Southern and Central America. I approach these art forms and reinterpret them into meticulously carved relief prints. The moments I highlight are found in vibrant, floral Mexican patterns. These moments juxtapose appreciation for my culture while still choosing to not follow social constructs found within it.”

We are very excited to see what the world looks like through Liz’s eyes and to see what she will be sharing with us on her Instagram journey. Here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

Martinez_Liz_Image-1_WEB_AL_4_17     Martinez_Liz_Image-3_WEB_AL_4_17     Martinez_Liz_Image-2_WEB_AL_4_17

Be sure to follow Liz on her KCAC Instagram story starting tomorrow Thursday, April 13th – Tuesday, April 18th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle