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brandon kintzer

KC Artist Lifestyle is taking a little trip this week to the West Coast! Our latest artist takeover is being run by KCAI graduate Brandon Kintzer (@becausetime). Brandon recently made a move from Kansas City to Los Angeles to begin his Master’s degree at The Southern California Institute of Architecture. We are very excited to see what is happening out West and get a look at the world through Brandon’s perspective, but first, here is a little bit of information about Brandon and his work.

Brandon originally hails, a bit north of Kansas City, from Des Moines, Iowa. He received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in Sculpture and Art History. Coming from a fine art background Brandon is entering graduate studies in architecture with the notion that the line between artwork and architectural exercise is indeterminate. His interests lie in visual, mathematical, logical, structural, conceptual, and ethical harmonies within the art and architectural worlds.

SO, since we are very excited to see what sorts of amazing things Brandon will be sharing with us on his Instagram journey, we wanted to share a few images of his artwork and past Instagram photos…

kintzer_brandon_image-1_web_al_11_16      kintzer_brandon_image-2_web_al_11_16      kintzer_brandon_image-3_web_al_11_16

Be sure to follow Brandon on his KCAC Instagram story starting tomorrow Thursday, November 3rd – Tuesday, November 8th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle

janelle ketcher

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well…okay almost 2016…beyond those minor details, we are kicking off the new year with a new artist on the KCAC Artist Lifestyle project on Instagram!

This week we will have a chance to look at the world through the Instagram lens of Des Moines artist Janelle Ketcher (@janelleketcher).

We first got a glimpse of Janelle and her many talents while she was studying at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2015. Her artwork and general enthusiasm for life caught our eye immediately! Since graduation from KCAI in 2015, Janelle has moved a few hours hours north of KC but she is still creating and sharing her passion for art to the masses.

“Janelle has a BFA in Painting, Art History, and Social Practice from the Kansas City Art Institute. She lives in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, where she interns for The Young Women’s Resource Center and Des Moines Performing Arts. Janelle is interested in expanding arts and creativity to more communities. Recently, she enjoys facilitating projects between artists and organizations to generate unique experiences. Janelle encourages creativity in peoples’ lives by making those connections possible. Since graduating she explores cooking with new vegetables, meets interesting Des Moinesians, and finds reasons to travel.”

We are looking forward to seeing what a week in the life of Janelle (@janelleketcher) is all about, but since we just can’t wait, here are a few images of Janelle’s work and past Instagram images…

Ketcher_Janelle_Image-1_AL_1_16    Ketcher_Janelle_Image-2_AL_1_16    Ketcher_Janelle_Image-3_AL_1_16

Be sure to follow Janelle on her KCAC Instagram journey Thursday, December 31st – Tuesday, January 5th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search all social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle

Throwback Thursday – Wingate Fellowship

Throwback Thursday

We are excited to look back at two young artists with connections to the Kansas City Artists Coalition, and look forward to some of the accomplishments they are making today.

Student_Belanger_Max_Complementary_EX_4_13Max Adrian was one of two award winners in the 2013 Undergraduate College Student Exhibition at KCAC, and then graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2015 with specialty in Fiber and Creative Writing.  Siara Berry interned with KCAC in the Spring of 2015, aiding during the busiest Auction-filled time of year, then graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with specialty in Sculpture and Creative Writing.

Today, both graduates are recipients of the Windgate Fellowship Award, a highly competitive award program open to senior students around the country.

From KCAI’s The President’s Report:

Two recent graduates, Max Adrian (’15 fiber and creative writing) and Siara Berry (’15 sculpture and creative writing), received 2015 Windgate Fellowships.  The $15,000 awards are given to only 10 senior students from around the country who work in the field of craft.

Berry_SiaraThe Windgate Fellowship Award program was established to hep encourage and advance the development of serious, innovative artists in the United States whose work is in some way related to, or informed by, the process, material or idea of craft.  Each year, more than 120 colleges and universities are invited to participate in this award process.

At KCAI, departments nominate applicants annually and the school’s Mobility Committee then selects two KCAI students based on their presentation and proposal.  The selected students are then eligible to compete at the national level for one of 10 $15,000 Windgate Fellowships.

Adrian, a Kansas City, Mo. native, graduated from KCAI in May.  He has exhibited his work in various shows, including “New School” by ROY G BIV at MINT Gallery in Columbus, Ohio; “Blind Date: Max Adrian and Lucas Ruminski” at the Netherlands Gallery in Milwaukee; and “National All Media Exhibition” at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, Iowa.  Adrian spent the fall semester of his senior year at the New York Studio Residency Program in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Max_Adrian_Act_II_Scene_I_Outcry_2Adrian thrives in collaborative settings and aspires to create artistic opportunities that rely on collaboration to accomplish poignantly engaging feats of creativity that speak to important issues of morality and the human experience.  He will use the fellowship for hands-on studies of stagecraft with particular attention to theatrical prop making, costume construction, puppetry, and set building.

Adrian will attend the 2015 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, intern at Redmoon Theater’s Build Shop, and attend the 2016 Prague Summer Theatre School.

“The Windgate Fellowship has been a monumental chance to experience different cultures, ideas and artistic practices that I’d otherwise be unable to be a part of, especially at such a formative time in my career right after graduating from KCAI,” Adrian said.  “It means being connected with a community of ambitious and innovative young thinkers and makers who want to ask bigger questions and have the funding to actually pursue those questions.”

Siara Berry, a Milwaukee native, also graduated from KCAI in May.  Her work has been shown in several exhibitions including, “It Has Been Arranged” at KCAI; “KC Connect, October Exhibition” at Outpost Worldwide in Kansas City, Mo; and the “End-of-semester Exhibition” at KCAI.  Berry interned at the Kansas City Artists Coalition where she assisted with curatorial and exhibition development and at BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

be1dd3_205eab5a72d54bbb8b69818da451834fBerry’s work seeks to trigger psychological associations with the domestic structure, emphasizing the importance of one’s relation to their surroundings.  Force, balance, and support are consistent themes throughout her work, utilizing the inherent qualities in material to illustrate such concepts.

With her fellowship, Berry will gravel to Europe to learn furniture making and upholstery skills in London, building upon her desire to sue both soft forms and rigid structures in her work, and take an architectural tour of the Netherlands to see the innovative ways wood is used as a traditional and contemporary material.  Her trip will span a total of five months beginning in October.

“The Windgate Fellowship has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of art and design on a international level,” Berry said.  “While at KCAI, I put much of my focus into concept and artist identity. Now, with this award, I am able to articulate those thoughts, while focusing heavily on craft and design.  By traveling to London to study woodworking and upholstery, I will integrate these practices through innovative interpretations of process and material.  I believe that content will be derived from the skills I learn there and then be implemented into my sculptural works when I return home.”

derya geylani

The KCAC Artist Lifestyle project on Instagram is celebrating this Thanksgiving in TURKEY! All jokes aside, we are very excited to have a chance this week to spend time with past KCAC Artist-in-Residence, Derya Geylani (@deryageylani).

In October 2013, Derya and ceramic artist Zehra Cobanli worked together in the KCAC residence for a little over a month. While in residence, the two artists spent their time creating and collaborating with various artists in the Kansas City community. Over the past two years, Derya has proven to be very busy, as she has finished her Masters in Ceramic and Glass at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul and has begun to pursue her Doctorates in the same field.

We thought after two years and tons of hard work, it was high time for all of us to catch up and share with you what Derya has been up to!

Over the next 6 days we will get a chance to look at Derya’s (@deryageylani) creative process and inspirations. We are very excited to see what she has in store for us, so here are a few images of Derya’s work and past Instagram images…

Geylani_Derya_Image-1_AL_11_15   Geylani_Derya_Image-2_AL_11_15   Geylani_Derya_Image-3_AL_11_15

Be sure to follow Derya on her KCAC Instagram journey Thursday, November 26th – Tuesday, December 1st!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search all social media with the hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle