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Throwback Thursday – Residency Artist Michel Delacroix

Then: Throw back to October 2013, do you remember French artist-in-residence Michel Delacroix?

Julian_and_Michael Delacroix_Michel_Artist-Lecture-02_RS_11-13

Delacroix’s main project while he visited Kansas City was his miniature, digital gallery Chez-Robert.  “Chez-Robert is an experimental gallery space with very specific dimensions, for which the artist develops specific proposals. The exhibitions are photographed from several angles” and then shared on the gallery’s website.

During his visit, Delacroix worked closely with Julián Zugazagoitia, Director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and developed Chez-Robert further.

Now: Zugazagoitia writes about Delacoix and Chez-Robert‘s most recent exhibition.

marcel chez-robert
“valise in a box” by marcel duchamp

d-02-1_marcel-chez-robert d-01-1_marcel-chez-robert

In this last exhibition, a black monolith obstructs the space. With a closer look, one can see the granular aspect of the covering black skin. Some imperfections and scratches can be seen, but they do not reveal anything.

Our look bumps into this black mass, it frustates our look while urging our imagination to solve the mystery. The exhibition closes the project undertaken by Michel Delacroix seven years ago. It is paradoxical and ironic, symbolizing the original idea that made Chez-Robert a unique space to explore.

This is a project by an artist at the service of other artists. The final step comes with Delacroix performing as an artist at Chez-Robert. He took his concept to the Nelson-Atkins museum (Kansas City) where he re-built his exhibition space in order to set one of the best pieces of the

modern collection, the famous Marcel Duchamp’s « Boite en valise ». This work of art in multiple copies, as wished by the artist as a way to diffuse his works, becomes a « ready made » of its own device.

The miniature retrospective museum that Duchamp turned his works into remains hidden from sight. It escapes

any given specificity and, instead, through its hermetism, hints at all the exhibitions that Chez-Robert generated. The act of ending this project by canning it, is a way to close the potential that this space had brought about, in order to move to a new step.

Through this event, Michel Delacroix closes an important chapter of his work of art that has lead him to act as a curator. He underlines the « Russian doll » aspect of this project by showing it. He celebrates this concept showing it as a inspiring place and pays a tribute to all the artists who took part in this project.

Julián Zugazagoitia
Directeur du Musée Nelson-Atkins”



Dinner in the Residency Studio

The holidays were over, but at KCAC we still had some celebrating to do. On Thursday, January 2, KCAC patrons Nancy and Bryan Beaver hosted an elegant dinner in the Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition.

By day, the space is a communal art studio shared by visiting international artists. But this night, the studio had been transformed into a beautiful wonderland with tablecloths, fresh flowers, candles and extraordinary miniature sculptures created by Tom Corbin. The lovely environment was just the beginning.

First, there was the chef: Dinner was created and served by James Beard award-winning chef Michael Smith and his beautiful wife, Nancy, who also selected the wine pairings.

Second, there was the artist: The evening was enhanced by an art salon conversation with Tom Corbin, one of Kansas City’s most talented and successful artists. Tom was the perfect artist to join the party since, for over 20 years, the KCAC International Residency had been his studio and gallery.

Table Wine Glasses Table Setting

Take a look at the extraordinary menu – one delicious course followed by another:


The evening started with a tour of KCAC’s residency and gallery and included passed hors d’oeuvres of foie gras crostini and prosciutto wrapped salsify. The first course was an eye and taste bud appealing main lobster and king crab salad.

Appetizers  Salad

The second course was a hand-folded pasta dish, a delicate and flavorful crescenza cheese-filled crespelle with shaved black truffles. Then came diver-caught scallops the size of a child’s fist.

Pasta  Scallops

The last two hearty courses included a smoked and grilled beef tenderloin dish, followed by a warm dark chocolate-pecan tart with salted caramel sauce and homemade bourbon ice cream.

beef  dessert

Who was there? Well, of course, the evening was hosted by Nancy and Bryan Beaver with Michael and Nancy Beaver plus Tom and Susie Corbin. Guests included Nancy and Rich Duval, Kerry and Sam Oliver, as well Vicki and Mike Messbarger.

Between courses, Tom Corbin talked about his career as a sculptor and painter. His path from cardboard box salesman to artist extraordinaire fascinated all the guests.

It was a wonderful night which proved the point that there’s creativity in both food and art!



Artists in Residence experience Halloween

Here in the states many of us anxiously await the coming of Halloween. We know that it is a night full of spooky noises, yummy candy and chills to last us until next year. But, imagine if you weren’t from here and you just happened to be in Kansas City during Halloween. Well this is exactly what happened for our current artists-in-residence! So, of course we had to show them what a good old fashion Halloween was all about here in Kansas City.


Our two Turkish artists Zehra Cobanli and Derya Geylani joined us last night for some traditional Halloween festivities that we are sure they will never forget. We all had a great time relaying stories of trick or treating, the origin of Halloween and passing out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins that came knocking.


Halloween-5_RS_11_13   Halloween-2_RS_11_13

Halloween-6_RS_11_13    Halloween-9_RS_11_13    Halloween-13_RS_11_13

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Marissa Starke


Welcome to Kansas City, Zehra Cobanli, Derya Geylani, and Michel Delacroix

The Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition is nearly full this month and we are having a blast with our current artists in residence! Zehra Cobanli and Derya Geylani join us from Turkey and are inspiring us with their amazing ceramic skills. And not to be out done, Michel Delacroix came to us by way of France to show us a little something about installation art.

Last night we all joined local art collector and art patron Scott Heidmann at his home for an evening dedicated to our very own artists in residence. It couldn’t have been a better evening filled with food, friends and a beautiful art collection. The party was a fantastic opportunity for our artists to meet some of the fabulous patrons of the arts here in Kansas City and in turn was a great chance for us to introduce them to the ever so welcoming Kansas City community.


We hope you join us for future events with our artists in residence over the next couple of weeks! You certainly don’t want to miss out on all the fun we are having right here in Kansas City!

Heidmann-Reception-05_10-13 Heidmann-Reception-09_10-13 Heidmann-Reception-19_10-13   Heidmann-Reception-15_10-13 Heidmann-Reception-14_10-13

For a list of future events and more information on our current residents please visit the Kansas City Artists Coalitions website.

Marissa Starke