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Throwback Thursday – KCAC Forum Jan 1976

KCAC Forum Newsletter Volume 2 Number 2 January 1976

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Law Briefs
Artist – Gallery Agreement

The Lawyers for the Arts Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association has recently made available to the general public and artists in particular an annotated artist-gallery agreement. Designed to improve the relationship between artists and gallery by informing each of the other’s interests, the annotated contract should be particularly valuable to the artist who has little knowledge of his rights and even less of how to protect them.

The Committee emphasizes that the Agreement is not intended to be used as a standard contract – its purpose is educational. The annotations to each paragraph of the Agreement detail the various options available to the parties drafting their own contract, explaining the considerations which favor or disfavor particular provisions or language. The Agreement presupposes a consignment arrangement between artist and gallery and includes provisions to regulate exclusivity, sales, discounts, exhibitions, reproduction rights, insurance and more. It is informational and in no way a substitute for an attorney’s advice.



Artists today have a legal resource right here with Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants Association (KCVLAA)!

KCVLAA offers a huge host of links to help artists work through copyright, trademark, health/safety and much more. It also offers workshops throughout the year across Kansas City on various topics that are all about helping the artists make the right choices for continued success!

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