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KC Artist Lifestyle is back this week with another of KCAC’s currently exhibiting artists, Amy Wright (@thefleafarm_amy_wright)! Amy’s show opened at the beginning of the month to rave reviews and several purchases. Her process takes hours of time and requires a degree of patience and diligence that not all artists are able to achieve. Amy recieved her BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute, and has since participated in shows at the Paragraph Gallery, Leedy-Voulkos, Kiosk Gallery and of course right here at KCAC. We are very excited to see what Amy has in store for us this week about her show, artwork and day to day inspiration.

Let’s get things kicked off here today with a few words from Amy about her work and motivation…

“In my life and in my art, I assign high value to the segments of a whole. My paintings and drawings (and the marks within them) are small to engage the viewer in an intimate link, like a secret is being divulged. Upon closer inspection, methods of fragmentation become visible. It’s the language I use to communicate and it’s my personal custom of coping. I believe that if I endow each tiny part with elegance, it will be reflected in the sum, revealing my affection for both.

My recent body of work began as an exploration of the lush patterns and colors found in food objects. As the project progressed, the tone of the work began to change. Food prompts a slew of emotions. There is too little, or too much. It can induce pleasure or disgust. It can simultaneously bind a community, and serve as a social divide. It’s a link to ancient humans. It’s been employed as a symbolic device throughout history. It’s a life, ending to advance another life. This body of work is populated with monuments to this collective consciousness. There are many altars and many sacrifices.

Most of the scenes depicted in my work have indications that productive, maybe intelligent, beings have intervened. Sometimes, the evidence is explicit. Occasionally, it’s a subtly placed clue. The beings are absent. Whether they have just stepped out, or whether they have been gone for some time is unknown. There’s something golden about a moment that exists outside the passage of time. There’s a delightful eeriness to a space not quite terrestrial. If such a crystalline state can be depicted visually, I hope to find it.”

We are very excited to see what the world looks like through Amy’s eyes and to see what she will be sharing with us on her Instagram journey. Here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos to get things kicked off…

boundary3w   strange-fruit-c1w    fenugreek1w

Be sure to follow Amy on her KCAC Instagram story starting tomorrow Thursday, March 16th – Tuesday, March 21st!

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