ada koch

KC Artist Lifestyle is back this week with one of KCAC’s currently exhibiting artists, Ada Koch (@artistakoch)! Ada’s show opened on March First Friday to a great crowd and critical conversations discussing her show, “Love, Loss and Violence”. We are very excited to see what Ada has in store for us this week about her show, artwork and day to day inspiration.

Let’s get things kicked off here today with a few words from Ada about her work and inspiration…

“My paintings are about layering – layering in the process, and layers of time passing depicted in the images. The process begins with papers attached to the canvas, and then sketchy figurative scenes done in muted dripping acrylic paints to establish the background. The contemporary scenes are done in bright oil paints and oil pastels, or sometimes with black silhouettes, on top of the acrylic base. I have also started incorporating fibers and fabrics into the layering process, taking those layers and separating them, adding a sculptural depth.

Since the tragic events of 9-11, I have been planning a body of work that expresses my fears about losing someone I love to a war. Two years ago, I started this work with the challenge of depicting love, violence and loss in a credible, affecting, and even beautiful way. The pieces incorporate famous art about war as a backdrop to contemporary life scenes with an often startling mix of violence, blood and playfulness.

As I started on the war series, I also began to work with a well-known local poet, Glenn North. Our collaboration has inspired new works and even led to a book combining my paintings and Glenn’s poems. This latest body of work welcomes input from the observer so that an on-going dialogue is established such that each piece is influenced by thoughts and stories brought together from the artist, the poet and the viewer.”

We are very excited to see what the world looks like through Ada’s eyes and to see what she will be sharing with us on her Instagram journey. Here are a few images of her artwork and past Instagram photos…

Koch_Ada_Image-1_AL_3_17    Koch_Ada_Image-2_AL_3_17    Koch_Ada_Image-3_AL_3_17

Be sure to follow Ada on her KCAC Instagram story starting tomorrow Thursday, March 9th – Tuesday, March 14th!

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