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Throwback Thursday – KCAC Forum Nov 1978

KCAC Forum Magazine November 1978

Michael Walling

Walling_Michael_Young001I have always thought of the Coalition as an experiment – an attempt on the part of the artists to connect with other artists and thereby form an identity.  As such it is a search for purpose and recognition for  what we do as artists. in a modest way we are trying to contribute to the noblest and best aspirations of civilized people.  It is a humanistic endeavor – certainly not an unworthy task.

The Coalition is now in its fourth year.  Membership has increased; the organizational structure has become more sophisticated and complex.  But we remain essentially what we have always bee – a group of individuals, practicing artists mostly, united by some vaguely defined sense of common purpose.  I think it is good to remind ourselves every now and then that we are ultimately dependent upon each other for the mutual success of the group.

Last year was a good year.  Much of the credit belongs to the people who so generously contributed their time and effort to the various projects – FORUM, the exhibit at KU, the picnic at Shawnee Mission Park – to name a few.  My predecessor as President, Colette Bangert, deserves particular recognition. She led with patience and persistence, and as a result the Coalition is stronger and better organized now than it was a year ago.  Continuing as Director this year Colette has already established the groundwork for two or perhaps three Coalition sponsored exhibits through 1979.

We can look to the coming year with optimism.  Two relatively new members have assumed key positions.  We have a new editor for FORUM, Walter Brayman, a member of the faculty at Barstow and an historian with a particular interest in the social and political role of the artist.  With this issue he assumes the responsibilities that Michael Bailey handled so capably during the past year. Michael will continue to contribute to the newsletter as a writer. In addition, Myron Brody, a sculptor and Coordinator of Visual Arts at AVila, has agreed to serve as Program Chairman.  We can look forward to a constructive and highly professional series of programs.

The degree to which we succeed, however, remains dependent upon the participation of everyone.  The Coalition is not some external reality apart from ourselves.  Most certainly, it is not a not-for-profit vending machine dispensing $17.50 worth of goodies to each dues paying member.  The Coalition is you – your time, your effort, your ideas. It is in these terms that I as President will be asking for your contribution.

Now: Even 36 years go, the Coalition hinged upon your participation and interests. We still strive to contribute to the Kansas City artists’ community, and look forward to see what the next 36 years will bring us all.

Suze Ford

The KCAC Artist Lifestyle project is back on Instagram and we hope you are enjoying these peeks into artists studios and practices as much as we are! This week we are happy to welcome local painter Suze Ford (@suzeford)!

Suze received her BFA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with an emphasis painting and printmaking. She then continued her painting studies in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de Medici.

Her paintings and works are often abstract with a touch of realism scattered here and there in each piece. Suze just wrapped a 100 Day Project on her Instagram that required her to create a painting a day for 100 days. All we can say is, Suze, that takes some serious dedication and patience!

We are very excited to see what Suze has in store for us this week on her #KCACArtistLifestyle journey. Here is a little peek at some of Suze’s past Instagram photos and works…

Web-Image-1_AL_7_15  Web-Image-2_AL_7_15  Web-Image-3_AL_7_15

Make sure to follow Suze on her KCAC Instagram journey Thursday, July 30th – Tuesday, August 4th!

If you missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Guest Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search the Instagram hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle

Throwback Thursday – KCAC Forum Feb 1979

KCAC Forum Magazine February 1979

by Colette Bangert

The Artists Choose Artists exhibition had its beginnings in the 1975 birth of the Kansas City Artists Coalition. KCAC is supported and steered by artists grouped together for individual support and growth.  We share our ideas and energies to achieve common goals.  One major goal has been making our work visible.  In 1976 we had our first Open Show at Crown Center and our second Open Show in 1978 at the Art and Design Gallery, University of Kansas. In 1977 we had two juried exhibitions.  One at the Kansas State University Gallery and the other at the Albrecht Art Museum.  KCAC now has conceived the Artists Choose Artists exhibition and is sponsoring it together with the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The exhibitions prime purpose is to dramatize and make visible the interaction and relationships of the area’s artists and their work.

Since its opening in 1976 with the Area Painters show, the UMKC gallery has had a commitment to exhibiting contemporary art which benefits and enriches the community as well as filling the needs of students.  The impact of the Women 77 show sponsored by the area’s Women’s Caucus for Art is still being felt by artists in this region.  It is now timely that UMKC and the KCAC jointly undertake this exhibition by, about, and for the area’s artists.

Artists Choose Artists started simply.  Last year KCAC need the name of a show space to give the Missouri Arts Council in order to receive grant money to do an exhibition.  Hollister Sturges, a good friend of KCAC, was asked if the UMKC gallery which he thin directed would be interested in actively supporting Kansas City and area art by doing a show with KCAC.  Hollister had just demonstrated his and UMKC’s understanding and support of midwestern contemporary art by producing an exhibition and catalogue ion Chicago abstract art which circulated throughout mid-America.  It was agreed that UMKC would commit their gallery for May of 1979 to do a quality area show with the KCAC.  We now had a gallery name to give to the Missouri Arts Council.  We received our exhibition grand money.  After much discussion it was decided that an artists choose artists theme would provide KCAC, UMKC, and the area with the most exciting exhibition.  The KCAC steering committee voted its approval. The show began to develop now under the direction of Myrna Burks who replaced Hollister as gallery director. After a lot of talk and negotiation it was decided that ten coalition artists would be picked by Myrna from he KCAC slide bank and each of them would pick four additional artists. The exhibition would be fifty works done in any media and all chosen by artists.

This type of an artist’s show has not yet been attempted here.  We hope that interest in the depth and quality of area art will produce new insights into what the area’s artists are doing.

Now: What a fun way to curate an exhibition! Can you imagine the wide diversity of work that would be selected? If you were one of the artists curating, what 4 artists in your community would you pick?

Carly Deblock

Holy cow, we are on to lucky number thirteen for the KCAC Artist Lifestyle Project artist on Instagram and we just can’t get enough of these talented artists, their work, their studios and their inspiration! We hope that you are having as much fun as we are, so let’s get rolling on to 13…

This week we are happy to welcome Carly Deblock (@carlyraestudio) not only to the KCAC Artist Lifestyle Project but also to Kansas City!

Carly is the artist behind the company Be Wild and Free and has recently relocated her business and family to the Kansas City area. After having spent most of her life in Northern California it might have been a bit of an adjustment, but it sure look like Carly has taken it all in stride if you happen to catch that KC bag she added to her website store recently…

Working primarily with watercolors Carly creates small images that eventually are pieced together to create larger symbols, images or phrases. She has conducted several pop up workshops at West Elm and can be found at many of the local art festivals and fairs in and around the Kansas City area, so keep your eyes open for all things Carly and in the mean time tune into #KCACArtistLifestyle!

We are excited to see what Carly has in store for us this week on her #KCACArtistLifestyle journey, and to get the ball rolling here is a little peek at some of Carly’s past Instagram photos…

Image 1_AL_7_15     Image 2_AL_7_15     Image 4_AL_7_15

Make sure to follow Carly on her KCAC Instagram journey Thursday, July 23rd – Tuesday, July 28th!

If you have missed any of our previous Artist Lifestyle Guest Artists you can always catch up on the KCAC Instagram (@kcartistscoalition) to see what has been happening or search the Instagram hashtags: #kcartistlifestyle #kcacartistlifestyle