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Throwback Thursday – KCAC Annual Art Auction 1984

Then: Throw back to February 1984 when the Annual KCAC Art Auction was beginning to find its place in the Kansas City community.

Art-Auction-1984_001_WEB Art-Auction-1984_002_WEB Art-Auction-1984_003_WEB

February 1984 Jane Pronko is the current KCAC president and with the help of board of directors, KCAC members, patrons and artists they begin a long standing tradition that to this day continues to be a huge part of how KCAC runs exhibitions and programming. This is the first year that the Artists Coalition take on the Live Auction element and boy do they run with it! We see many familiar faces in these pictures and that list of contributing artists does not look far off from the very list we put together for this years auction.

Now: The 32nd Annual Art Auction is in full swing…


Jane Pronko is not only this year’s Sealed Bid Artist but also the Honorary Chairwoman for the very event she helped to create! We are so thankful and honored to have people like Jane Pronko, Philomene Bennette, Lou Marak, Rita Blitt and Colette Bangert continue to help us shape and mold this organization into a thriving and important element of what the arts are in Kansas City.

As we continue to organize and run the Auction each year we are reminded of all the people that came before us and stand behind us to help keep us a viable and critical arts organization in an ever change and growing city. The artists of KCAC past and present are what make this organization work as well as it does.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every artist that has come through KCAC since the beginning. Your innovations, ideas and stick with it attitudes are what has kept the Kansas City Artists Coalition going for nearly 40 years.

So, lets get started on another 40 years by making this Auction the best in KCAC history!!

See all of you very soon!