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Artists in Residence experience Halloween

Here in the states many of us anxiously await the coming of Halloween. We know that it is a night full of spooky noises, yummy candy and chills to last us until next year. But, imagine if you weren’t from here and you just happened to be in Kansas City during Halloween. Well this is exactly what happened for our current artists-in-residence! So, of course we had to show them what a good old fashion Halloween was all about here in Kansas City.


Our two Turkish artists Zehra Cobanli and Derya Geylani joined us last night for some traditional Halloween festivities that we are sure they will never forget. We all had a great time relaying stories of trick or treating, the origin of Halloween and passing out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins that came knocking.


Halloween-5_RS_11_13   Halloween-2_RS_11_13

Halloween-6_RS_11_13    Halloween-9_RS_11_13    Halloween-13_RS_11_13

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Marissa Starke