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5 Art Blogs

I spend a great deal of time looking at art throughout my day. This isn’t really a surprise since it is part of my job! But, the great part about my job is that looking at art all day is something that I would do even if I wasn’t being paid to do it.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite places to learn about new and contemporary art! I have listed some of my all time favorite blogs and websites for all things art. Some sites are more about the images where as others are more about the words, but there is a little something for everyone out there. These are in no particular order as I could never discern a favorite between all of these!

My Modern Met


My Modern Met is a collaborative site where many people contribute quick thoughts on works from across the world. I love coming here throughout the day and seeing a new post almost every time! The works range from huge public art installations to tiny drawings on the tops of pins.



The title says it all! The content on this site is mainly managed by one person, so it is like you are getting a little insight into their loves and likes each time you visit. The content is VERY image heavy but I find a new artist that I fall in love with here almost every day!

The History of Art in GIFS


The art historian in me sort of nerds out on this site each time I see it pop up on my screen. Every entry is a masterpiece and the site author gives us a mini art history class on each one in only 15-30 seconds! So jump over and get a little refresher on a Michelangelo today!

Beautiful Decay


This site is relatively new to me so I am still learning what I love about it each time I visit. I especially love that they break down art medias so that you can focus on just painting or sculpture each time you visit!

Hi Fructose


Many of you may have already heard of this site, but I can’t let it go as it has been a place I always return to. Hi-Fructose has been a magazine publication since 2005 and since the dawn of blogging and the internet they have come to include their knowledge on a blog for all of us to enjoy until the next issue comes out!

Please enjoy some art today!

Marissa Flynn



Happy Anniversary, KCAC

Anniversary — The Kansas City Artists Coalition was incorporated August 9, 1976 Islamic Exhange (Pritika Chowdhry/Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed)

KCAC’s mission and goal is to support artists. When founded, Kansas City offered few opportunities and local artists were not taken very seriously. The few local galleries mainly showed the art of artists living elsewhere. KCAC began by lobbying for professional venues for local artists and mounting exhibitions in empty commercial spaces. In the beginning, considerable energy was also put into KCAC’s publication, FORUM, today KCAC’s website serves the same purpose.

Eventually, the organization saw that it would serve both artists and the community to open an exhibition venue. In 1983, KCAC opened Kansas City’s first alternative gallery, at 616 Central. A year later the gallery moved to 39th & Bell and in 1986 KCAC moved to its current location in the River Market. Exhibitions quickly became the main focus of KCAC programming. Since 1983 KCAC’s alternative spaces have provided thousands artists a chance to show their work. Today KCAC has three galleries.

KCAC’s exhibitions and programs reflect the rich artistic, cultural and ethnic diversity that exists in our city, state, nation and world. KCAC’s desire is to support all artists in their quest to realize their vision. KCAC is also a space for innovative and experimental art, which does not readily lend itself to commercial venues. KCAC is the voice of inclusion in our community and continues to be a primary support for local artists.

KCAC now has global initiatives, the Lighton International Artists’ Exchange Program and the Kansas City International Residency at the Artists Coalition. LIAEP started in 2002, works to make the world a smaller place by giving artists of different cultures the opportunity to work together in the hope that lasting friendship and understanding will develop and the mission of the International Residency is to bring artists from around the world together in order to build friendships and improve intercultural understanding.

Opening today, on our anniversary, is another global initiative: Islamic Exchange — An Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Islamic Artists and others inspired by Islamic traditions and issues. Exhibiting artists include three international artists: Fatima Abu Roomi (Israel) July 2013 Artist in Residence, Zehra Cobanli (Turkey) October 2013 Artist in Residence, and Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed (Bangladesh). Also showing are four artists with a global outlook: Sophia Ahmed Sattar (USA/Pakistan), Pritika Chowdhry (USA/India), Corinne Whitlatch (USA), and Helen Zughaib (USA/Lebanon).

Janet Simpson Executive Director, Kansas City Artists Coalition